Cats 2

Off Book: The Improvised Musical #100 June 10, 2019

For the 100th episode of Off Book, Zach and Jess proudly present CATS 2! With songs like “Tim, The Cat That Is Planning a Trip to New York”, “Ringtail LeCannes: The Cat who is Definitely not a Raccoon”, and “Bumblegrabs, The Cat Who Drives A Kite”, it’s the sequel to Cats you’ve been waiting for your whole life!


Scott Aukerman – Tim, the cat who’s planning a trip to New York

Ross Bryant – Ringtail LeCannes, the cat who is definitely not a raccoon

John Hartman – Slemony Lickets

Jamie Denbo – Lexapronacious, the clinical depression and anxiety cat

Betsy Sodaro and Jon Gabrus – Toonie and Büts, the cartwheel sixty-nining cats

Paul F. Tompkins – Citrusta, the edible arrangements cat

Mitra Jouhari – Burnarella

Tawny Newsome – Bumblegrabs, the cat who drives a kite

Carl Tart – Uncle Mittenfuzz, the cat mechanic who works on everybody’s cat car

Nicole Parker – Stumbleshins, the pregnant bedrest cat


Scott Passarella – Keys

Dan Wessels – Keys

Dana Wickens – Drums

Brett Morris – Guitar 

This episode is brought to you by Aladdin the Musical (

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