Dinner with the Cowboys

Sklarbro Country #10 September 30, 2010

There is so much to learn in this Sklarbro Country! Mathematically, we learn more efficient ways to spend $55,000 than treating the Dallas Cowboys to dinner. We get a medical lesson from Mike Birbiglia about REM Behavior Disorder, and a geography lesson from him regarding comedy in Australia. We learn about feminism, specifically in regards to Australian Bikini Racing, and get to learn communication skills from one of the best orators of our time, Tiger Woods. Most spectacularly of all, you will get FREE legal advice through the newest feature: Sklarbitration. Head over to the Earwolf store to see Jon Hamm looking great in his Sklarbro Country shirt, and maybe get one for yourself. But if you see a phone number on the page, PLEASE do not call it!

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