Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

How Did This Get Made? #87 June 17, 2014

You know a sequel is good when none of the original actors from the first film are involved and the lead in the movie is not an actor but instead a lawyer. The hilarious Nick Thune joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back. They’ll cover everything from the real time driving scenes to all the confusing flashbacks to the terrible sound design. Reminder: If you have a sound collage for the 1st Annual HOWDIES email us over at howdidthisgetmade@earwolf.com! Also, you can now check out June Diane Raphael & Casey Wilson in ASS BACKWARDS for free on Netflix & HULU y’all! Plus, OJ: The Musical is now available on VOD & iTunes, go to www.ojthemusical.com for more info! Don’t forget to grab yourself a brand new HDTGM Daredevil T-shirt over at the Earwolf store and a copy of Paul’s comic book Aliens Vs. Parker available at www.amazon.com!

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