How Did This Get Made? #89 July 22, 2014

Finally a kids movie that proves the age old adage that a kid’s best friend is a 7 foot tall scary ass looking Scottish bear that makes other kids piss their pants. Star of the hit TV show Nathan For You & Canada expert Nathan Fielder joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss a movie with no plot simply known as Gooby. Why do people see Gooby as a man in a costume and others see him as a monster? How was this released in 2009? What lead to Eugene Levy being in this movie? Tune in as they discuss the possibility of Gooby secretly being a child molester and much more! Los Angeles: Get your tickets now for a LIVE HDTGM at Largo on Saturday, September 20th at 8pm over at! Make sure to check out The Hotwives of Orlando now over at!

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