How We’d Fix These 4 Broken Franchises

The Cracked Podcast #176 April 17, 2017

Big news! This summer, Hollywood is delivering us our 6th Spiderman movie in the last 15 years. Fun! Time to re-hash all of our favorite story beats like dead uncles, having great responsibilities and kissing upside-down.

So yeah, it seems like for the nth summer in a row, the great minds in the Hollywood dream factory are officially out of ideas. Our question is: why? When there are so many amazing stories from real life or incredible works that have yet to be adapted, why another Transformers?

This is an issue only the After Hours crew (sans Michael) can figure out. On this week’s episode, Jack O’Brien is joined by Soren Bowie, Daniel O’Brien and Katie Willert to fix reboots, throw out adaptations and pitch unbelievable real stories that would make for incredible movies, if only Hollywood had the balls to produce them.


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