Introducing The Supergroup!

Yo, Is This Racist? #986.5 July 25, 2018

Check out Tawny’s new podcast, The Supergroup! On each episode, Tawny & her co-host Alex Kliner invite a comedian and musician to write and record an original song with them over the course of a week. You’ll hear every step of the process, from writing and re-writing to recording and mixing. The podcast is funny but the songs are legit.

On the series premiere of The Supergroup, P-KAT (Paul F. Tompkins, Katelyn Tarver, Alex & Tawny) write and record a dramatic song inspired by Paul’s encounter with a stranger.

To hear the rest of the series, go to and use the promo code SUPERGROUP for a month free trial of Stitcher Premium.

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