Mortal Kombat

How Did This Get Made? #81January 28, 2014

If you loved the game, you might hate this movie. Put Your Hands Together/Wham Bam Pow host Cameron Esposito joins Paul, June, and Jason to talk all about MORTAL KOMBAT. They discuss the mortals being unfazed by the supernatural, Christopher Lambert’s wig, and the anticlimactic fight with Goro aka four arms. Plus, we learn about June’s relationship with video games, find out Jason’s thoughts on the movie‚Äôs soundtrack, and hear one of the most amazing reviews during Second Opinions. People of Los Angeles, make sure to get tickets for a LIVE How Did This Get Made? on Friday, March 14th at Largo! Get tickets at

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Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas, Cameron Esposito - June On Video Games

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