Sklarbro County 21

Sklarbro Country #116.5 October 16, 2012

Professional wrestler and fellow podcaster Colt Cabana drops by to Fireman Takedown a Fjord on this week’s Sklarbro County! Colt tells us how his love of podcasts made him want to start “The Art of Wrestling” podcast, shares a story about his failed attempt of becoming the only Jewish entertainer in wrestling, and talks about being in a show with Tammy “Sunny” Sytch during her recent 3 day arrests. Dan Van Kirk joins us as always with some crazy stories involving a 40-year-old man’s scuffle with an 18-year-old for running over his female friend’s pirate hat during Georgia’s annual Pirate Fest and a man who was arrested for allegedly fighting a stop sign. Plus, Randy Moss’ dog leaves us a voicemail about some of his dietary concerns.

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