Sklarbro County 51

Sklarbro Country #146.5May 14, 2013

Marc Maron leaves the Cat Ranch and joins the County boys to talk about his experience doing Howard Stern for the first time, his reception of his IFC show Maron, and having to replace an essay in his new book “Attempting Normal.” Dan Van Kirk then breaks down some crazy stories that include; an elderly Boonville man who pummels an intruder with a shovel and then dares him to come back for more on Craigslist, a Florida man who while tripping on acid claims to be God & asks cops to cut off his penis, and another Florida man who hurts himself while hunting squirrels with a homemade BB gun hunting rifle. And if that’s not enough, we have a voicemail update from Bryant Gumbel! Lock the gates, punch waterfalls, and enjoy!

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