Sklarbro County 54

Sklarbro Country #149.5June 4, 2013

The wonderfully delightful Joe Mande joins the guys in the front seat that is Sklarbro County! Joe tells us about his Twitter beef with Gilbert Arenas, getting out of a speeding ticket with the diarrhea excuse, the juggling act of writing for Parks and Recreation & doing stand-up, where his sport allegiances lie, and why lakes are disgusting. Then Dan Van Kirk brings us some crazy stories that include; a simple roommate’s request that leads to his car being defecated in, an Alabama model who fakes her own attack to get her ex-boyfriend’s attention, and something that could be considered the biggest goddammit of your life if it happened to you. Plus, Jesse “The Body” Ventura calls us up to give us his take on Donald Trump being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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