Sklarbro County 92

Sklarbro Country #187.5 February 25, 2014

Hilarious stand-up, new father, and Seattle Sports nut Nick Thune joins the County boys to share his thoughts on the Superbowl as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Nick also tells us about his journey back to stand up after breaking his arm in the documentary Disarmed, his preparation process for his Netflix special “Folk Hero” documented in the YouTube series Modern Comedian, and the time he worked as a car salesman & told his boss he had contracted HIV. Daniel Van Kirk then brings us some crazy stories that include a woman who cut off a tattoo of her cheating ex-boyfriend’s name with a scalpel, a teen who robbed a 7-Eleven with a chainsaw while wearing a flower pot on his head, and a Norwegian 10-year-old who took his toddler sister on a joy ride. Later, it gets Gumbly in the County as we check in with Bryant Gumbel in his Maybach via voicemail. Punch those waterfalls and enjoy your mid week snack!

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