The Sklarbro Rippers

Sklarbro Country #70 November 25, 2011

We’re kicking it Vermont style this week on Sklarbro Country! We’ve prepared a special post-Thanksgiving treat for you all with special guests Patton Oswalt and James Taylor. Patton uses appearance number three to tell us about his hot, smelly summer in New York, document the demise and revival of alternative comedy, and explain why The Texas Chain Saw Massacre deserved an Oscar in sound design. James Taylor shows off his “urban” side on his debut performance and clues us into what Monday Night Football listeners can look forward to. Plus we’ve been spying on The Iron Sheik’s twitter account and in Ivan Calderon’s fridge, so we have a nice fresh batch of takes for everyone. Treat your turkey hangover with Sklarbro Country! This episode is sponsored by audible. Support Sklarbro Country and get a free audiobook at

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