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Sklarbro Country #51 July 15, 2011

If Sklarbro Country had a Vice President, it would be Chris Cox. His contributions to Sklarbro Country are consistently hilarious and have garnered the love of Sklones everywhere. You’ve heard him as Tiger Woods, Sam Elliott, Racist Vin Scully and more, now hear him without all the voices (okay, there are still some voices thrown in). Get to know his past as a writer on projects like Small Shots and Swing Blade and find out which impressions have yet to make their way to the calming shores. The guys talk music, Saturday Night Live, sports memories and more. It feels like you’re hanging out with friends, only your friends’ Owen Wilson impressions aren’t as funny. Framed by the A.V. Club Undercover song series, this episode gracefully brings Sklarbro Country into it’s second year as a podcast.

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