Curly Velasquez

Curly Velasquez is a Los Angeles-based artist who celebrates all things brown and beautiful. He began his career in fashion working for celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, and design icon Jeremy Scott before starting his own line. By the age of 25, he was celebrated as one of the “IT” designers in LA by H&M and directed an original music video for Interscope records. Curly began work with BuzzFeed as an office receptionist, and worked his way onto the Shorter Than Short Form team, creating original artwork and animations for Snapchat. His interest in producing eventually led him to the video side where he currently acts as a lead creator for BuzzFeed’s Latinx division: Pero Like.

Guest Appearances

All Things Latinx w/ Curly Velasquez

Bienvenido to the very first episode of Spanish Aquí Presents! Raiza, Oscar, Tony and Carlos discuss the term Latinx and what's got people so worked up about the word and what it means to the culture. Then they are joined by Buzzfeed's…

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