Daniel Van Kirk

Small town guy from Rochelle, IL. Livin’ in Los Angeles. He likes sports, funny things and the Wonder Years. Catch Dan Van Kirk on Sklarbro Country doing characters like Mark Wahlberg.

Guest Appearances

Pen Pals

Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk join Conan to talk about their podcast Pen Pals and to answer a listener question on how to fall asleep fast.   Listen to Pen Pals here.   Wanna get a chance to talk to Conan? Submit…


Dan Van Kirk

Dan Van Kirk shares why he's got your back, how there must be a Wahlberg Solution, and the joys of Dumb People Town.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s Steven Spielberg month on Cracked Movie Club! Back in the 1980s, everything George Lucas touched turned to gold (and action figures).  As the newly crowned Prince of Hollywood, he had the power to make any movie he wanted. And the movie…


Cracked Movie Club: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Starting today, Cracked is increasing its podcasting output by 50%! In addition to new episodes of The Cracked Podcast every Monday and Kurt Vonneguys every third Tuesday, we're proud to launch Cracked Movie Club, which can be beamed directly into your earballs every Thursday. Each month,…


Below the Rim, Above All Expectations

Sklarbro Country #351April 14, 2017

Comedians Dan St. Germain and Baron Vaughn join the Sklars this week to talk all things NCAA! They recap the recent tournament as well as cover the Celtics' visible synergy, share their feelings on roast culture, and find out why Randy is…


Blood on the Handrail

Sklarbro Country #350April 7, 2017

Comedian Al Madrigal (The Daily Show) joins the Sklars this week to talk about his new series “I’m Dying Up Here” and the golden era of stand-up comedy. Al and the boys discuss how the scene has changed since the 70s, why…


8​ Unlikely Vacation Spots From Fictional Universes

The Cracked Podcast #172March 23, 2017

Ahhhh, mid-March. Time to pack the bros, the beers and the board shorts into the station wagon and drive down to the beach because it's SPRING BREAK WOOO. But instead of going to Florida or Cancún , the Cracked Podcast is taking a…


Sklarbro County 242

Sklarbro Country #337.5January 10, 2017

Comedian and actor Jon Dore joins the Sklars for the final episode of Sklarbro County! They celebrate the end of an era by having Jon tell the tale of his poker-induced seizure before diving into Stories. Daniel Van Kirk opens with a…


The 2016 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #337January 6, 2017

Sklarbro Country's celebrity gallery has gathered once again to celebrate the new year! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Dennis Rodman, Dick Vitale, Tilda Swinton, Fat Matthew McConaughey, Kris Kristofferson, both Nicholas Cages, Sam Elliott, Ken Kratz, Steven Avery, Michael Jordan, Tiger…


Sklarbro County 240

Sklarbro Country #335.5December 27, 2016

This week, writer and comedian Kevin Avery joins Randy and Jason in the County. They chat about Kevin's podcast "Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period" before swapping personal Denzel experiences. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a…


Sklarbro County 238

Sklarbro Country #333.5December 13, 2016

Actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis joins the Sklars this week to cut some bodies loose. They discuss the best kinds of fart jokes to make for your kids and swap stories of being on set of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Then, Daniel…


Sklarbro County 236

Sklarbro Country #331.5November 29, 2016

This week, rising comedian Jak Knight joins Randy and Jason in the twilight of Sklarbro County to discuss the challenges of breaking into the stand-up comedy machine. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a foul-mouthed educator, a nine-hour long drunk drive, and…


Trust the Process

Sklarbro Country #331November 25, 2016

This week, actor Martin Starr (Silicon Valley) joins Randy and Jason for a special post-giving episode of Sklarbro Country. We hear about an enterprising NBA player and a revenge plot by Steve Francis during Takes followed by a chat with Martin about…


Sklarbro County 235

Sklarbro Country #330.5November 22, 2016

Comedian and actor Mo Mandel returns this week to join Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk for a Thanksgiving County. Mo tells the tale of purchasing a gift for his parents and reflects on his new stand-up special before the gang gets…


Sklarbro County 234

Sklarbro Country #329.5November 15, 2016

This week, comedian Godfrey joins the Sklars to share his take on racism in Chicago public schools and swap some dad-ecdotes. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about an elderly bank robber with a lame excuse and a man nature is desperately trying…


Less Talk More Jock

Sklarbro Country #329November 11, 2016

This week, Randy and Jason are joined by actress and comedian Alice Wetterlund. We hear about Richard Sherman's castration altercation before Alice talks to the Sklars about her tendency towards adopting teams and why baseball has a special kind of comaraderie. Muhammad…


Sklarbro County 233

Sklarbro Country #328.5November 8, 2016

This week, Randy and Jason sit down with Daniel Van Kirk and County friend Brad Morris for a very special post-World Series episode. They celebrate the Cubs' win by sharing personal takes on the historic victory, touching on topics like the effects…


Sklarbro County 232

Sklarbro Country #327.5November 1, 2016

Comedian Jay Larson of The CrabFeast joins Randy and Jason this week for Sklarbro County! They get into Jay’s own way of spending Father’s Day, the World Series, and remembering comedian Kevin Meaney. Then they dive into stories including an incident that…


Sklarbro County 231

Sklarbro Country #326.5October 25, 2016

Actress Kate Flannery joins Randy and Jason this week for Sklarbro County! She regales the Bros with tales of her origins with Second City and Daniel Van Kirk explains his take on the value of sports as well as how he nearly…


Sklarbro County 229

Sklarbro Country #324.5October 11, 2016

Intrepid actor Romany Malco makes his return this week to talk about life in Puerto Rico and the power of collaborative arts. He fills the Sklars in on his crowdfunding campaign to get Tijuana Jackson a movie before Daniel Van Kirk shares…


Sklarbro County 228

Sklarbro Country #323.5October 4, 2016

Comedian Kyle Kinane returns to the County this week to regale the Sklars with a Sonic Burger Adventure. We hear stories from Daniel Van Kirk about a pig-mask wearing couple that shot lasers at Pokemon hunters, how the Bee Gees saved the…


Waltzburgers: Live from LA Podfest

Sklarbro Country #323September 30, 2016

Coming straight out of LA Podfest, the Sklarbros are joined by comedian and overall good buddy Nick Swardson for a live episode of the Country. We hear about the Sklar's recent show in Mobile and tales of New Orleans debauchery before getting…


Sklarbro County 227

Sklarbro Country #322.5September 27, 2016

Comedian Kurt Braunohler makes his return on this week's episode of Sklarbro County. He dishes on breaking into the scene from a background in non-traditional comedy and tells of his cross-country jet-ski trip before the Sklars get into some stories. Daniel Van…


Sklarbro County 225

Sklarbro Country #320.5September 13, 2016

Actress and comedian Jade Catta-Preta joins the Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk for this week's Sklarbro County. She dishes on her roasting abilities and preferred genre of mobile porn while the gang gets into stories about a Domino's delivery man who made…


Sklarbro County 224

Sklarbro Country #319.5September 6, 2016

Comedian Ian Edwards joins Randy and Jason for this week's episode of Sklarbro County. They discuss his recent writing projects and what subjects are too "American" for Irish audiences before getting into stories with Daniel Van Kirk. We hear about saucy Las…


Sklarbro County 222

Sklarbro Country #317.5August 23, 2016

Randy and Jason welcome musician and comedian Tim Convy to the show on this week's Sklarbro County! Tim talks about his band's nerdy fanbase and how he broke into the comedy scene. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a Canadian dog-walker who boxed…


Sklarbro County 221

Sklarbro Country #316.5August 16, 2016

Toronto-based comedian Dave Merheje makes landfall this week in Sklarbro County! We'll hear about how he reacted to getting held up at gunpoint, why his father faked a heart attack when he was a kid, and his experience with the good cop/bad…


Live from Houston @ Rec Room

Sklarbro Country #315August 5, 2016

Stand-up comedian Bob Biggerstaff joins the Sklars to talk about the Houston comedy scene, the least manly way to win a fight, and what it's like to perform on a cruise ship. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a man who casually…


Sklarbro County 218

"Batting Stance Guy" Gar Ryness slides home to Sklarbro County this week to talk about mimicking Pete Rose to his face, Aaron Boone's recent foray into batting imitations, and juggling sports enthusiasm with adult life. Daniel Van Kirk brings a story about…


Sklarbro County 217

Comedian Brent Weinbach hops on board the midnight train to Sklarbro County to discuss the dangers of toilet splash-back and Brent's NBA Jam education. Dan Van Kirk brings stories about a man who set his apartment on fire to escape the sound…


Sklarbro County 216

Stand-up comedian and writer Jerron Horton joins the Bros to tell about his journey from sports into stand-up and how he met his sugar momma at Ruby Tuesday. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a man who charged a police officer at a…


Sklarbro County 214

It's a two-hitter special as the hilarious comedian Geoff Tate brings along Doug Benson (Doug Loves Movies) to talk about pitching movies in a new comedy game show for Screen Junkies and to dig into some crazy County stories. Daniel Van Kirk…


Sklarbro County 213

Hilarious stand-up comedian Ramon Rivas II joins the County boys to talk about the emotional/historic NBA finals and feeling Cleveland pride now that the Cavaliers are NBA champions. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories which includes Meat-wielding 'extremists' starting a brawl at…


Sklarbro County 212

Kate Micucci, one half of Garfunkel and Oates joins Randy and Jason to talk about her new Vimeo special "Trying to be Special," skiing as a 2-year-old, and aspiring to be a toy designer in college. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories…


Sklarbro County 211

Stand-up comedian Ahmed Bharoocha joins Randy & Jason to chat about hanging at the Moontower Comedy Festival, shooting his Comedy Central Half-Hour special in New Orleans, and bonding over the LA Kings with his father. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories which…


Sklarbro County 210

Bullseye from NPR host and resident Fantasy-ologist Jesse Thorn joins Randy and Jason from the Maximum Fun studios to talk about what he's learned in his 12 years of podcasting, his comedy podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! being much more blue than Bullseye,…


Jeb Bush Is A Cat

Jeb Bush (Daniel Van Kirk) talks to Mark and Pete about his hopes for a contested convention, his nickname for 9/11, and the difference between the Bush family and Fight Club. Plus: Tamya Harding (Jessica McKenna) is in love with a Hillary…


Sklarbro County 208

Author Gary Belsky joins Randy and Daniel Van Kirk for a remote episode of Sklarbro County. They discuss being a St. Louis sports fan and Gary's new book "On the Origins of Sports." Daniel brings a County Story of a Florida man…


Sklarbro County 207

Comedian Gar Ryness, aka Batting Stance Guy, joins the Sklars to discuss baseball and new trends of MLB players' batting stances. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories of a pizza-made pizza box and a man who was angry after being asked not…


Oklahomie: Live from Moontower Comedy Festival

Comedian and actress Martha Kelly joins the Sklars for a live Sklarbro Country episode from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin. The show also features musical guest Josh Adam Meyers. Martha describes her experience co-starring in "Baskets." Daniel Van Kirk brings a County…


Sklarbro County 206

Comedian and actor Fahim Anwar joins Randy and Jason on this week's episode. They discuss Seattle sports and Fahim's impressive job before pursuing comedy full time. Daniel Van Kirk brings a County story of someone who confidently approached a crouching tiger. Plus,…


Sklarbro County 205

Sklarbro Country #299.5April 26, 2016

The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk discuss a County Story of a bear-eating bear that survived being hit by a train. They also describe the impact Prince had on their lives. Later, Dr. Phil drops by to give advice to a man…


Why Can't we be the Black Girl from "Friends"?

Sklarbro Country #299April 22, 2016

Comedian Aisha Tyler joins the Sklars and discusses the intricacies of marriage and divorce. They also talk about why people's goals change over time and Aisha's unique process behind her upcoming film. Contribute to her Kickstarter for the movie at Kck.st/1YeQdCp. Later,…


Sklarbro County 204

Sklarbro Country #298.5April 19, 2016

Comedian Mike Lawrence talks to Randy and Jason about the importance of taking a stance as a comedian. They also discuss interviewing losers of a ping pong tournament, "Finding the Funny" and Mike writing for "Inside Amy Schumer." Daniel Van Kirk brings…


Sklarbro County 203

Sklarbro Country #297.5April 12, 2016

Comedian Rory Scovel talks to Randy and Jason about The Masters and Rory's new special, which can be found at RoryScovel.com. Daniel Van Kirk brings a County Story of a Portland man who stole a custom-made vest from a stuffed bear. Later,…


Sklarbro County 202

Comedian, director and writer Michael Showalter talks to the Sklars about making his new movie "Hello, My Name is Doris." Daniel Van Kirk's County Stories include a clown who was arrested for smoking meth at a waffle house and a woman who…


Sklarbro County 201

Sklarbro Country #296.5March 29, 2016

Comedian Tom Rhodes talks to Randy and Jason about his former Dutch late-night talk show. He also shares stories about the countries he visited while touring as a stand-up and hosting a travel show. Daniel Van Kirk brings a County Story of…


It's About Time

Sklarbro Country #300March 25, 2016

To celebrate 300 episodes of Sklarbro Country, Daniel Van Kirk interviews Randy and Jason about the podcast. They look back on memorable episodes, the Sklars' early days in stand-up and the evolution of Sklarbro Country. Later, they listen to voicemails from guests…


Sklarbro County 200

Sklarbro Country #295.5March 22, 2016

Comedian Paul Mecurio talks to Randy and Jason about writing jokes for Jay Leno while being a lawyer. Daniel Van Kirk brings a story about a man who tried to force his way into his neighbor's home with a sword. Later, Paul…


Sklarbro County 199

Sklarbro Country #294.5March 15, 2016

The Thermals frontman Hutch Harris joins Randy and Jason for a special Sklarbro County music episode. Hutch talks about his experiences performing comedy in addition to music. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy stories include a woman who was bitten by a tiger at…


Sklarbro County 198

Actor and improviser Mike McShane joins the Sklars via Skype and discusses his experience on Whose Line is it Anyway?. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy story includes two strangers who had to share a room at a "love hotel" on Valentine's Day after…


Sklarbro County 197

​Comedian and podcaster Andy Wood joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro County. They discuss Chris Rock hosting the Oscars and the Sklars recently performing in Raleigh, NC. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy stories include a Florida man with a metal detector…


Sklarbro County 195

Sklarbro Country #290.5February 16, 2016

Randy and Jason talk to professional wrestler Colt Cabana on this week’s Sklarbro County. They discuss wrestling in other countries and the similarities between comedy and wrestling. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy stories include an alligator that got thrown through a Wendy’s drive-thru…


Sklarbro County 194

Sklarbro Country #289.5February 9, 2016

Randy and Jason talk to The Grawlix comedy troupe members Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl about their new truTV show "Those Who Can't." Daniel Van Kirk brings a crazy story about two men who fought each other with a shovel…


Live from SF Sketchfest 2016

Sklarbro Country #289February 5, 2016

Nicholas Cage warms up the audience for Jason and Randy live at San Francisco Sketchfest 2016. The Sklars, Nick and comedian Moshe Kasher talk to Daniel Van Kirk about a drunk driver's interaction with a police officer in the city Niceville. Actor…


Sklarbro County 193

Sklarbro Country #288.5February 2, 2016

Jason and Randy catch up with comedian Dave Ross on this week's Sklarbro County. They discuss experimenting with drugs in college and when you can call heroin “H.” On topic, Daniel Van Kirk’s crazy story follows two stoned drug dealers who called…


Sklarbro County 192

Sklarbro Country #287.5January 26, 2016

Writer and producer John Matta joins Randy and Jason to discuss his new book "Matta Napkin," which includes 300 hilarious cartoon drawings on napkins. They also chat about comedic inspirations and John's upcoming show he co-created with Jerry Minor called "Grand Marquee."…


Sklarbro County 191

Sklarbro Country #286.5January 19, 2016

Incredible improviser and sketch comedian Marques Ray joins the County boys to talk about growing up in Bakersfield, California, honing his comedy chops at the UCB theatre in LA alongside Daniel Van Kirk, and doing a set of comedy as a character…


Sklarbro County 190

Sklarbro Country #285.5January 12, 2016

Singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim and Matt Besser of improv4humans make their way to Sklarbro County! Langhorne tells us about what it was like getting laughs before his sets opening up for Eugene Mirman on tour and plays songs off his new album The…


Sklarbro County 189

Sklarbro Country #284.5January 5, 2016

Karen Kilgariff and Drennon Davis are wonderfully hilarious comedians and together are performing music. Karen and Drennon stop by the County to talk about how the genesis of coming together to create music, improvising a couple of their songs at live shows,…


The 2015 Character Episode

Sklarbro Country #284January 1, 2016

It's the time of year when we give thanks to the celebs who populate the Sklarbro Country universe! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Nicholas Cage, Robert Durst, Michael Caine, Christoph Waltz, Bill Walton, Ozzie Guillen, Mark Wahlberg, Racist Vin Scully, Tiger…


Sklarbro County 188: Real Talk!

Sklarbro Country #283.5December 29, 2015

On a very special New Years edition of Sklarbro County, Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk get into some real talk about Vin Diesel, Hanukkah, Larry King, and the usual County insanity. Plus, we hear from our good friend Michael Kissick who…


Sklarbro County 187

Sklarbro Country #282.5December 22, 2015

NFL Media analyst/host Dave Damashek stops by the County to talk about Adam Carolla's very long vetting process, being jealous of Ike Taylor for being naturally funny, and his issues with the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special. Then, Daniel Van Kirk…


Santa Has Gone Big Brother

Sklarbro Country #282December 18, 2015

The fantastic director & extremely funny Jason Reitman is a huge fan of comedy and has carved out a wonderful film career from Juno to Young Adult. Jason joins Randy & Jason this week to discuss his love of The Comedy Store's…


Sklarbro County 186

Sklarbro Country #281.5December 15, 2015

Podcasting legend and @midnight writer Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse, Go! stops by to talk about the amount of jokes that don't end up airing on @midnight, a story of Kardashian shame, and watching Pulp Fiction with his parents. Then, Daniel Van…


Sklarbro County 185

Sklarbro Country #280.5December 8, 2015

County favorite and fantastic writer Matt Goldich is back to talk about writing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the benevolent vandalism he's experienced with his recent move to Harlem in NY, and misappropriated Shakespeare quotes. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings us…


Daniel Van Kirk

Get Up On This #58December 1, 2015

Comedian Daniel Van Kirk joins Jensen and Matty to talk about how he began doing his amazing Mark Wahlberg impression after watching The Happening, his podcast Hindsight, studying at Second City in Chicago, Redman's "Mudface," 11/22/63, Ben Simmons, season 2 of Fargo,…


Sklarbro County 184

Sklarbro Country #279.5December 1, 2015

The hilarious Hampton Yount joins the County boys to share stories of Thanksgiving and to tell us all about playing Crow T. Robot in the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings us stories that include a couple…


Sklarbro County 183

Sklarbro Country #278.5November 24, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome comedian Mark Cohen who talks about the best joke for silencing a room full of jews, life in Las Vegas, and the unique experience of having to perform on 9/11. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include…


Sklarbro County 182

Sklarbro Country #277.5November 17, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show Eugene Mirman who talks about his new seven LP, nine volume album, I'm Sorry You're Welcome, as well as the inspiration for his character Gene on Bob's Burgers. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers headlines that…


Sklarbro Country 181

Sklarbro Country #276.5November 10, 2015

Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk talk about the many things that Donald Trump can do with his money including host Saturday Night Live. Then, the gang welcomes Matt Braunger who discusses the rockstar status of certain comedians, as well as why…


Sklarbro County 179

Sklarbro Country #274.5October 27, 2015

The Sklars welcome to the show Brian Huskey who talks about his new movie A better You, as well as how new media is changing the game of entertainment. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers headlines that include a disgruntled pork factory worker,…


Houston Snowcone: Jumping The Shart

Sklarbro Country #273October 16, 2015

Randy and Jason kick off the show with why Matt Barnes may be the jealous type and why the next woman on Ronda Rousey’s hit list is Justin Bieber. Then, the Sklars welcome executive producer of The Jim Rome Show Kyle Brandt,…


Sklarbro County 177

Sklarbro Country #272.5October 13, 2015

Wayne Federman joins this week's County to discuss why success in entertainment is like summiting Everest, as well as how he came to record his new album The Chronicles of Federman. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include a woman that…


Sklarbro County 176

Sklarbro Country #271.5October 6, 2015

Randy and Jason are joined by comedian Don Barris who discusses working with Jimmy Kimmel, his film Windy City Heat, and the joy of being the closing act for seven years at The Comedy Store. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers headlines that…


Drop The Hammer

Sklarbro Country #270September 25, 2015

Randy and Jason talk about how the unofficial mascot for the Vikings negotiated his way out of a job and why AC/DC is to blame for the Cubs' field conditions. Then, the Sklars welcome Jon Hamm, who discusses his recent Emmy win, as well…


Sklarbro County 174

Sklarbro Country #269.5September 22, 2015

Josh Gondelman joins the gang to discuss life as a writer on HBO's Last Week Tonight, the most efficient way to make an audience boo you, and what Seinfeld would be like if it was still on the air. Then, Daniel Van…


Sklarbro County 173

Sklarbro Country #268.5September 15, 2015

This week, the Sklars welcome Rhea Butcher who talks about her fast pitch baseball league, as well as the benefits of having a partner who's also a comedian. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include a man that simply doesn't have…


Sklarbro County 172

Sklarbro Country #267.5September 8, 2015

This week, Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk reveal why flying is reason enough to abandon acceptable human behavior. Then, Doug Benson joins the show to discuss the affects of drugs and alcohol on an audience, as well as a comedians ability to develop…


Sklarbro County 169

Sklarbro Country #264.5August 18, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show Dan Pashman who talks about his podcast The Sporkful and why being your own boss is one way to avoid getting fired. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include mans inability to control the…


Sklarbro County 168

Sklarbro Country #263.5August 11, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show attorney, Detroit sports connoisseur, and dear friend, Jimmy Acho. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include the most aggressive pot head ever, a man whose life is an Adele song, and a city that…


Sklarbro County 167

Sklarbro Country #262.5August 4, 2015

On this weeks county the Sklars welcome Australian Comedian Wil Anderson who talks about how he rediscovered his passion for Australian football, as well as how he managed to issue John Mayer the greatest insult of all time. Then, Daniel Van kirk…


Appropriate Funeral Music

Who Charted? #241July 15, 2015

Kulap and Howard kick off this week's episode by congratulating the best people around them! Then, the gang welcomes Daniel Van Kirk who discusses his start at Earwolf and why he was under the impression that all the comedians would receive an…


Sklarbro County 164

Randy and Jason welcome to the show Mitch Rouse who talks about creating Comedy Central’s Strangers With Candy, as well as what it was like working alongside Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers headlines that include wedding guests…


Stabbed In The Heart

Sklarbro Country #259July 10, 2015

Randy and Jason start of the show with a story of petite larceny that is anything but and why Lionel Messi is powerful enough to stop a Nigerian kidnapping. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who discusses his…


Sklarbro County 163

Randy and Jason welcome to this week's County Emily Maya Mills, who talks about some of the comedians that influenced her, as well as what it was like working with Daniel Van Kirk in the early parts of their career's. Then, Daniel covers…


Sklarbro County 162

Randy and Jason welcome to this week's County writer, producer, and sports mind John Eisendrath. John talks about the specifics of creating sports based entertainment and why college athletes are among the least appreciated people in business. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers…


Sklarbro Country 161

This week, the Sklars welcome to the show comedian Drew Michael, who discusses why Chicago and Los Angeles celebrate their Stanley cups so differently, as well as why Seinfeld never would have existed during the age of cell phones. Additionally, Sam the…


Sklarbro County 159

On this week's county, the Sklars welcome to the show Adam Cayton-Holland, who talks about his new series Those Who Can't, as well as how the legalization of marijuana has affected tourism in Denver. Then, Daniel Van Kirk  covers news stories that…


Sklarbro County 158

Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk welcome to the show legendary Chicago comedian Emo Philips, who sheds some light on living life outside of the box, as well as why the recent history of the Chicago Blackhawks is a direct parallel to…


Sklarbro County 157

Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk welcome to the show actor, comedian, and DJ Flula Borg, who talks about his latest film Pitch Perfect 2, vlogging in the car, and what his friends think of him . Then Daniel covers stories from…


Sklarbro County 156

Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk welcome to the show stand up comedian Jamie Kaler, who discusses his new movie Teacher of the Year and the importance of preparing the children for a robot uprising. Additionally, director of the film Jason Strouse,…


Sklarbro County 155

Randy, Jason, and Daniel welcome to the show Chunky B., who reveals how he got his nickname, what it's like working with Dr. Phil, and which Osmond sibling is funnier and why. Additionally, the gang discusses the launch of Daniel Van Kirk's…


Sklarbro County 154

On this week's episode, Randy, Jason, and Daniel, welcome to the show Gilbert Gottfried, who talks about his tenure on The Howard Stern Show, his role in Beverly Hills Cop, and his time on Saturday Night Live. Then, the gang covers headlines that include; a…


Masturbation Debilitation

Randy and Jason start off the show with takes that include hot dogs that prove some things should never go down in price and college students who don't know when to say "agree to disagree." Then, the Sklars are joined by Will…


Thank You Doug Buffone

Sklarbro Country #248April 24, 2015

The Sklars kick off this week's show with takes from around the sports world wherein they discuss a very crooked tow company, a football player that engages in sexual acts a little too close to home, and the proper way to handle…


Sklarbro County 152

Sklarbro Country #247.5April 21, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to this week's County comedian Josh Sneed. In addition to discussing life in comedy, as well as life in Cincinnati, Josh plays the bearer of gifts, when he gives our hosts some very special sports paraphernalia. Then, Daniel…


Sklarbro County 151

Sklarbro Country #246.5April 14, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome this week’s County author and TV writer Molly McAleer. Molly kicks off the show with talk about how her childhood and how it informed the work she does today, including her book The Alcoholic Bitch Who Ruined Your…


Sklarbro County 150

Randy and Jason welcome to the special 150th episode of Sklarbro County fellow comedian John Roy, who talks about comedy in Chicago, the transformational era of comedy that was the 90’s, as well as the time he was too young and nervous…


Sklarbro County 149

Sklarbro Country #244.5March 31, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to this week’s Sklarbro County the hosts of The Best Show Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, who talk about great concerts they’ve attended, what the future beholds for them in comedy, and why the NBA is the best…


Sklarbro County 148

Sklarbro Country #243.5March 24, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show comedian, actor, and writer, Kenny Stevenson, who talks about growing up in Anaheim, the many schools of comedy, and why “the clapper” is less effective than actually clapping. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories from around…


Sklarbro County 147

Sklarbro Country #242.5March 17, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show stand up, writer, and longtime friend, Jordan Rubin, who offers some very inside information pertaining to the curious case of Robert Durst, during which time, surprise guest Robert Durst, joins the show. Additionally, Jordan talks…


Sklarbro County 146

Sklarbro Country #241.5March 10, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason welcome to the show longtime friend, author, and baseball guru, Jonah Keri. Together, the gang explains to America why reading is still a worthwhile hobby and which, 60-1 underdog, major league baseball team, will win the world…


Erin Gronkovich

Sklarbro Country #241March 6, 2015

Randy and Jason kick off the show with a preview of the 250 million dollar fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, and why Pacquiao very well might be the David Hasselhoff of sports. Additionally, the Sklars talk about the adversity…


Sklarbro County 145

Randy and Jason welcome to the show Sarah Tiana. Sarah is a fellow stand up comedian, a contributor to the Sklars latest TV endeavors, and lifelong Braves fan. Then, Dan Van Kirk continues the war on thin mint cookies. Additionally, Dan covers…


Sklarbro County 144

Sklarbro Country #239.5February 24, 2015

On this week's County, Randy and Jason welcome to the show Dean Delray, who explains how music saved his life and what inspired him to break into comedy. Then, the Sklars give a sneak peak into how the shooting of their TV…


Sklarbro County 143

Sklarbro Country #238.5February 17, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show comedian and host of Wrestling With Depression Marty DeRosa, who helps explain that he is not former baseball pro Mark DeRosa and why Chicago is the safest place in America to leave your wallet in…


Sklarbro County 142

Sklarbro Country #237.5February 10, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to the show comedian Seth Herzog, who gives details about life in comedy and what it’s like working with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. Then, the Sklars give a sneak peak of what we can expect in their…


Sklarbro County 141

Sklarbro Country #236.5February 3, 2015

On this week’s Sklarbro County, Randy and Jason are joined by comedian Matt Braunger, who helps the Sklars figure out how to pronounce their own bits, as well as how to coin the perfect fast food slogan. Then, without wasting anytime, the…


Ball Doctoring

Sklarbro Country #236January 30, 2015

In this week’s episode, the Sklars kick off the show with deliberation over the rampant steroid use that has surfaced in the puppy bowl, as well as the mysteries of the golf world, mostly just what Tiger Woods is wearing and Robert…


Sklarbro County 140

Sklarbro Country #235.5January 27, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason kick off the show with some music history that includes; how long it took The Beatles to notice that Ringo had quit the band and the absolute beauty that ignited a George Harrison and Eric Clapton guitar…


Al-Qaeda's NCAA Violations

Sklarbro Country #235January 23, 2015

This week on Sklarbro, Randy and Jason give commentary on an Assassin that has jeopardized the life of one of America’s favorite Nascar drivers, as well as why you should never bet against your home team. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show…


Sklarbro County 139

Sklarbro Country #234.5January 20, 2015

The Sklars welcome to the show comedian Paul C. Morrissey, unrelated, who shares a play-by-play detail of dropping 35 points on, NBA star, Bob Sura. Then, the crew brings us into the deep dark shadows of underground, comedian, street-basketball. Later, Dan covers…


Sklarbro County 138

Sklarbro Country #233.5January 13, 2015

Randy and Jason start off the show with a quick ode to Bob Dylan and his lyrics that surface in songs outside of his own. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to the show, comedian, actress, and filmmaker, Jessica Watkins, who shares the…


The Annual Sklarbro Character Show

Sklarbro Country #233January 8, 2015

It’s the annual Character show! In the greatest collaboration of celebrity talk radio, Randy and Jason bring together the likes of Dennis Rodman, Doug Buffone, Jerry Jones, Steven Seagal, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Leykis, Dick Vitale, Tiger Woods, Robert Siegel, D.R. Tuttle, Jesse…


Sklarbro County 137

Sklarbro Country #232.5January 6, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to this week’s County Rebecca Corry, famed comedian, whose stage presence once withstood the adversity of a fire alarm. Rebecca also shares tales from her time in Tony and Tina’s Wedding, which leads to Dan Van Kirk’s retelling…


Sklarbro County 136

Sklarbro Country #231.5December 30, 2014

Randy and Jason welcome to the show April Richardson, who travels down memory lane over starting out in stand up and what is was like watching the Atlanta Braves be phenomenal. Then, Dan Van Kirk deliberates over the world we live in when he…


My Lady Mumps

Sklarbro Country #231December 27, 2014

The Sklars start off the show with football players who murder animals and the controversy over Cardinal's Quarterback's who would like to spread the word of Jesus. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to the show Jon Dore, who helps explain what Mumps is…


Sklarbro County 135

Sklarbro Country #230.5December 23, 2014

This week on County, Randy and Jason welcome to the show, comedian and host of truTV's Barmageddon, Mo Mandel! Mo gives a behind the scenes look into his new show, the adversity of rednecks, and the hardships of drinking on the job.…


Sklarbro County 134

Sklarbro Country #229.5December 16, 2014

The Sklars start off the show with a recap of Dan Van Kirk's day with Chili’s. Also, Dan shares some of his exclusive Chili’s schwag that he got for Randy and Jason. Then, the gang welcomes to the show comedian Andy Peters,…


Royal Faux Pas

Sklarbro Country #229December 12, 2014

Randy and Jason start off the show with this week’s headlines in sports, including gyms for the mild mannered and how to become the most awkward tight end in the NFL. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Erik Griffin, star of…


Sklarbro County 133

Sklarbro Country #228.5December 9, 2014

Randy and Jason welcome to the show Chris Sullivan, a Chicago actor known for “The Knick,” who most recently joined Christopher Walken in “Peter Pan Live!” Chris shares intimate details of working with the famed Film and Theatre Legend. Then, Dan Van…


Jabber Water Walkies

Sklarbro Country #228December 5, 2014

Randy and Jason start off the show with sports headlines from the last week, one of which includes, a former NFL quarterback who tries to hide from the police by covering his eye’s. Then, the Sklars welcome actor, comedian, producer, and director…


Sklarbro County 132

Sklarbro Country #227.5December 2, 2014

Randy and Jason welcome Frontier Ruckus to this week's Sklarbro County, who stop by the show while on tour with their new album “Sitcom Afterlife.” Then, Ian Karmel helps to explain to all non-lovers of sports, what it is that makes the…


Sklarbro County 131

Sklarbro Country #226.5November 25, 2014

The Sklars and guest, Brian Moses, start off the show with an homage to "The Comedy Store," it's history, it's famed performers, and the all new "Roast Battle" that is blowing up as they speak. Then, Dan Van Kirk reviews news headlines…


Sklarbro County 130

Sklarbro Country #225.5November 18, 2014

Randy, Jason, and Dan Van Kirk kick off the show with Rhett & Link, the comedic youtube "internetainers," who share intimate details of what it's like to dominate such a specific medium, such as the internet. Then, the group walks us through…


Sklarbro County 129

Sklarbro Country #224.5November 11, 2014

Randy, Jason, and guest Matt Gourley, start off the show with a nostalgic reflection on the genesis of improv, old comedy troupes, and how they have surfaced in the world of podcasts today. Then, Daniel Van Kirk walks us through a play…


Sklarbro County 128

Sklarbro Country #223.5November 4, 2014

This week, longtime friend Greg Warren sits in with the Slayer Brothers as they catch up with what's been going on in the weird world, especially in Florida. King of Chili's Daniel Van Kirk takes everyone through toddler's stuck in machines, cops…


Sklarbro County 127

Sklarbro Country #222.5October 28, 2014

Cracked Editor-in-Chief and fellow podcaster Jack O'Brien makes his way to the County! Jack talks to the guys about how his love of podcasts lead to him starting the Cracked podcast here on Earwolf, his theory about Florida, and why the Real…


Sklarbro County 126

Sklarbro Country #221.5October 21, 2014

Comedian, new dad and fellow podcaster Ryan Sickler of The CrabFeast podcast joins the guys on this week’s Sklarbro County! Ryan talks about his soccer coach from middle school, why he wouldn’t go to the Superbowl to root for his own team,…



Sklarbro Country #221October 17, 2014

Randy and Jason kick off the episode with “Sklarbrotration,” where in, they issue proper punishment for anybody who wanders into the action of a professional sporting event. Later, joined by Dave Anthony and Gar Ryness, the SklarBros revolutionize the world of podcasts…


Sklarbro County 125

Sklarbro Country #220.5October 14, 2014

The great and hilarious Tony Sam stops by the County to tell us all about his new stand-up album “Scaredy Cat.” Tony tells us about the time he was arrested for drinking & driving, the process of retiring old stand-up material &…


Sklarbro County 124

Sklarbro Country #219.5October 7, 2014

Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili of the tremendous podcast Keith and The Girl are on today's Sklarbro County! Keith, Chemda, and the guys talk about the prepping that goes into their show, how Keith & Chemda mutually broke up, Chemda’s upcoming marriage,…


Sklarbro County 123

Sklarbro Country #218.5September 30, 2014

Incredibly talented writer Mark Lisanti of Grantland is here to talk Jeter on this week’s Sklarbro County! Mark tells us how he & Grantland found each other, the evolution of his column called Derek Jeter's Diary, and chats with the guys about…



Sklarbro Country #218September 26, 2014

Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch stops by the studio to spend some quality time on this week's Sklarbro Country. Tune in to hear the Sklars recap throwing out the first pitch in St. Louis, Thomas talk about working with Martin Scorsese, and all…


Sklarbro County 122

Sklarbro Country #217.5September 23, 2014

The lovely Ron Babcock is back in the County to tell us all about his upcoming BENZ IT LIKE BABCOCK Standup Tour coming to a city near you! The guys also talk about high-school hijinks, why only Mitch Hedberg could pull off…


Sklarbro County 121

Sklarbro Country #216.5September 16, 2014

Who Charted's own Kulap Vilaysack joins the County boys to tell us all about her documentary Origin Story on this week's Sklarbro County! Kulap takes us behind the scenes as she talks about how she found out that the father who raised…


Sklarbro County 120

Sklarbro Country #215.5September 9, 2014

The marvelous Dan Crane, a man of many trades, a writer, air guitarist, performer, and musician joins us this week on Sklarbro County! Dan tells us about his involvement with the World Air Guitar Championships, gives us a tease of his recent…


Sklarbro County 118

Sklarbro Country #213.5August 26, 2014

Hilarious stand-up comedian Jay Larson is back on this week’s Sklarbro County! He joins the guys to talk about growing up in Massachusetts, college football, his love for design, and hanging out with Sean Patton while traveling the U.S. on the TV…


The Wahlberg Solution LIVE

Earwolf Presents #27August 25, 2014

After decades of using his knowledge to only benefit himself, Mark Wahlberg (Daniel Van Kirk) has teamed up with other celebrities and famous friends for “The Wahlberg Solution!" a round-table discussion of current news and events that will sort out the world's…


The Wahlberg Solution LIVE

Sklarbro Country #WS01August 25, 2014

After decades of using his knowledge to only benefit himself, Mark Wahlberg (Daniel Van Kirk) has teamed up with other celebrities and famous friends for “The Wahlberg Solution!" a round-table discussion of current news and events that will sort out the world's…


Sklarbro County 117

Sklarbro Country #212.5August 19, 2014

Detroit born and Brooklyn based comedian Nate Fridson returns to join the boys for some good ol’ fashioned fun on today’s Sklarbro County! Nate tells us all about his new stand-up album “Best Guy So Far” as well as embraces the weirdness…


I Had To

Sklarbro Country #212August 15, 2014

Comedian and icon, Andy Dick, joins the Sklars on this week's incredibly interesting episode of Sklarbro Country. Tune in to hear the Sklars explain why the NBA hates Drake and hear Andy Dick talk about having filet mignon with Travolta, studying with…


Sklarbro County 116

Sklarbro Country #211.5August 12, 2014

Today we finally answer the question: What does the Fox say? Lovely stand-up comedian and actor Kirk Fox joins the County boys to talk about how we went from playing tennis with Dr. Phil to hosting the CBS daytime talk show The…


Sklarbro County 115

Sklarbro Country #210.5August 5, 2014

Longtime Sklar buddy and fantastic actor J.P. Manoux takes a front seat in the vehicle that is Sklarbro County! J.P. gets deep into his soccer obsession, tells us about the Los Angeles based giant scavenger hunt aka "The Game," and talks about…


Sklarbro County 114

Incredible director Jordan Brady stops by to tell us all about being the originator of the line “Bow Chicka Bow Wow” on today's Sklarbro County! We’ll also hear how the reaction from his documentary “I Am Comic” lead to the making of…


Sklarbro County 113

Fantastic comedic actress Tymberlee Hill of HULU's the Hotwives of Orlando brings the lady energy on today's Sklarbro County! Tymberlee talks about the many entrepreneurial pursuits of her Hotwives character “Phe Phe,” her influences growing up in Virginia Beach, and why she…


Sklarbro County 112

The Bitter Buddha himself, Eddie Pepitone delights us with his upbeat energy on today's Sklarbro County! We'll hear about his new stand-up special “In Ruins” coming to Netflix on August 7th, growing up in Brooklyn, and his thoughts on the World Cup.…


Sklarbro County 111

Get excited for some delightful lady energy from the amazingly talented Beth Littleford on today’s Sklarbro County! We’ll hear stories from Beth’s time on The Daily Show, her closer for her one woman show, and how sweet the dog from Dog with…


Sklarbro County 110

The great Todd Glass speaks nothing but the truth on today’s Sklarbro County! We go back to when Todd was 17 to find out which comedians made an impression on him and we smash cut to the present to hear what the…


Sklarbro County 109

The revolution will not be televised! Sklarbro citizen Jason Nash is here to tell us about his brand new movie Jason Nash Is Married (available now on iTunes & Amazon), how he went from making fun of Rio 2 to immediately going…


Sklarbro County 108

The great Carol Leifer, wonderful writer & comedian brings the lady energy to this week's Sklarbro County! We hear what advice Rodney Dangerfield gave Carol when she performed on the Young Comedians Special, the role she played in the development of Seinfeld,…


Sklarbro County 107

The voice of Canada, Jon Dore returns to Sklarbro County and that can only mean one thing. BRANDON'S GOTTEN SO BIG! Jon joins the County boys to go through some of Daniel Van Kirk's amazingly crazy stories as well as talk to…


Sklarbro County 106

Kevin Allison is a phenomenal storyteller, host of the RISK! podcast, a member of the groundbreaking sketch group The State, and now he’s taken his place in the front seat with the County boys. Kevin chats about how he went from doing…


Sklarbro County 105

It's a full house in the County this week as the great Craig Anton finally drops by along with the wonderful sounds of Cincinnati's the Buffalo Killers! Tune in to hear about how Craig teaches an acting class as a professor as…


Sklarbro County 104

The supremely talented & gorgeous Andrea Savage brings the lady energy to this week's Sklarbro County! Andrea tells us about her dedication toward playing poker, her time working on a tennis centric pilot with Rob Lowe, and her role in the upcoming…


Sklarbro County 103

Incredibly hilarious stand up Hasan Minhaj bears his soul with a story about meeting his longtime hero Michael Jordan on today’s Sklarbro County! Hasan also talks about how his parents are proud ashamed about his stand up career, R. Kelly in concert,…


Sklarbro County 102

Returning County champ Wayne Federman is back to give it up for fast food and so much more on today's Sklarbro County! Wayne tells us about completing a NY marathon, why he refers to himself as a sampler of drugs, and breaks…


Sklarbro County 101

Sklarbro Country #196.5April 29, 2014

Hilarious Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins stops by to share his thoughts on the recent Donald Sterling controversy on today's Sklarbro County! Dwayne also explains why he’s become more of a fan of NBA players rather than claim a team, how his mom…


Sklarbro County 100

Sklarbro Country #195.5April 22, 2014

Celebrate the tremendous Sklarbro County 100th episode with Earwolf favorite Paul F. Tompkins! Paul classes things up as he tells us how it's never too late for anything as his life changed after learning how to drive 4 years ago and finally…


Sklarbro County 99

Sklarbro Country #194.5April 15, 2014

Hilarious stand-up comedian & The Pete Holmes Show writer Jamie Lee brings some much needed lady energy to this week's Sklarbro County! Jamie talks about the one time she was make out rejected during Spring Break, her thoughts on having kids, and…


Sklarbro County 98

Spectacular stand-up comedian & writer (Kroll Show and Golden Globe winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Gabe Liedman joins the the boys in the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Gabe talks about being a part of a comedy duo with Jenny Slate, coming…


Sklarbro County 97

Comedian, Wiseguys comedy club owner, and sports radio host Keith Stubbs brings the Utah energy to this week's Sklarbro County! Keith tells us how he got involved into sports talk radio of Salt Lake City, getting a call from Karl Malone’s wife…


Sklarbro County 96

Sklarbro Country #191.5March 25, 2014

Phenomenal improviser & actress Tara Copeland of the famous NY improv group Mother and UCB-LA's Diamond Lion tells us all about performing while having a baby on the way on this week’s Sklarbro County! Daniel Van Kirk also gets us into some…


Sklarbro County 95

Sklarbro Country #190.5March 18, 2014

It's an all out baseball nerd out as Grantland's Jonah Keri returns on this week's Sklarbro County! Jonah gives us a preview of his new book Up, Up, and Away: The Kid, the Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, le Grand Orange, Youppi!, the…


Sklarbro County 94

Sklarbro Country #189.5March 11, 2014

It's always great to have some lady energy up in the Sklarbro County and this week doesn't disappoint as the boys are joined by wonderful writer/comedian Christy Stratton! Christy tells us about her time writing on King of The Hill, how Disney’s…


Sklarbro County 93

Fantastic standup and The Dork Forest host Jackie Kashian brings the lady energy on today's Sklarbro County! It's a big week for Jackie as her new standup special "This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux" is out for digital download on this very day.…


Sklarbro County 92

Sklarbro Country #187.5February 25, 2014

Hilarious stand-up, new father, and Seattle Sports nut Nick Thune joins the County boys to share his thoughts on the Superbowl as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Nick also tells us about his journey back to stand up after breaking his arm in…


Sklarbro County 91

Sklarbro Country #186.5February 18, 2014

Remarkable comic actor Chris Hogan of MADtv and 3rd Rock from the Sun joins in on the County insanity! Chris tells us about being an awkward kid when it came to sports, being conned in an acting class by a woman who…


Sklarbro County 90

Sklarbro Country #185.5February 11, 2014

Co-host of Comedy Film Nerds & the Iron Lady of showbiz, Graham Elwood joins the County boys to talk about the Sochi Olympics on this week’s Sklarbro County! Graham tells us all about skipping school when he was younger to go see…


Sklarbro County 89

Sklarbro Country #184.5February 4, 2014

Lady energy is up in the County as Sports Without Balls host Erin Foley stops by to discuss all things Super Bowl! After Randy & Jason read some listener emails, Daniel Van Kirk gets us into some of the crazy stories he…


Sklarbro County 88

Sklarbro Country #183.5January 28, 2014

One of the best improvisers in the country, wonderful stand up-comedian, and host of the Long Shot podcast, Sean Conroy joins the County boys in the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Sean, Randy, Jason, and Daniel Van Kirk dive into…


Sklarbro County 87

Sklarbro Country #182.5January 21, 2014

Host of The Fogelnest Files/professional Jake Fogelnest stops by to decipher the Richard Sherman post game rant and to once again look at one of the best videos to exist on the internet on today's Sklarbro County! Jake, the Sklar Bros, and…


Sklarbro County 86

Sklarbro Country #181.5January 14, 2014

Boys will be boys as Nick Kroll of the Kroll Show drops by today's Sklarbro County! Nick chats about exploring the universe of some of the many characters on the new season of Kroll Show, why the sketch Cake Train was the…


Collecting The Coats

Sklarbro Country #181January 10, 2014

Tremendous actor, improviser, and comedian Brett Gelman finally makes his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Brett shares some incredible stories which include the one time he went trick-or-treating at Michael Jordan's house, his experience on NBC’s Go On, and…


Sklarbro County 85

Sklarbro Country #180.5January 7, 2014

The Mighty Boosh's Rich Fulcher is back to kick things off on the first Sklarbro County of the new year! He chats about holiday pie eating, the first words spoken by his 18-month-old baby, and the fantastic sketch show “Snuff Box” he…


The 2014 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #180January 3, 2014

Once again the characters that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together to share what their year was like and what we can expect from them in the new year. Join Randy and Jason as they welcome special guests Dennis "The Worm" Rodman,…


Sklarbro County 84

Sklarbro Country #179.5December 31, 2013

Helping kick 2013 behind us is the absolutely hilarious Baron Vaughn! Baron tells us about growing up in Las Vegas, having bowling be an important part of his childhood, and how learning the craft of acting has shaped his stand-up. Daniel Van…


Sklarbro County 83

Sklarbro Country #178.5December 24, 2013

The personification of magic is here. Good friend, hilarious comedian, and talented magician Derek Hughes joins the County boys to talk about how David Blaine changed the public perception of magic by bringing it back to the streets, ask for a sports…


Sklarbro County 82

Sklarbro Country #177.5December 17, 2013

The warm and hilarious Ron Funches brings the positive energy to this week's County! Ron chats about moving down to LA from Portland, being in an upcoming NBC multi-cam comedy currently titled “Undateable,” his love of 90s R&B, being in Chicago during…


Sklarbro County 81

Sklarbro Country #176.5December 10, 2013

The sharp witted Moshe Kasher of The Champs podcast tell us about his run ins with Sinbad on this week’s County! Moshe also tells us about the slow burn he experienced with his Netflix special “Moshe Kasher: Live In Oakland,” the explosive…


Sklarbro County 80

Sklarbro Country #175.5December 3, 2013

The Smartest Man In The World, Greg Proops takes his rightful spot in the front seat of this week’s Sklarbro County! Greg shares his SF Giants predictions, talks about what he makes of Brian Wilson now, and tells us about the comedy…


Sklarbro County 79

Sklarbro Country #174.5November 26, 2013

The sweet dulcet tones of Never Not Funny’s Matt Belknap are all over today’s Sklarbro County! Matt takes us through how ASpecialThing, an online message board he created originally for Tenacious D fans became a hub for comedy fans to connect with…


Sklarbro County 78

Sklarbro Country #173.5November 19, 2013

Phenomenal stand-up comedian Mo Mandel brings the dude energy to Sklarbro County! Mo tells us about how a joke he made at a Mendocino Farms made things eerily awkward, having the worst 49ers fan for a father, and the one run in…


Sklarbro County 77

Sklarbro Country #172.5November 12, 2013

Academy award winning screenwriter, producer and director Diablo Cody takes some time from writing films like Juno & Young Adult to bring some lady energy to the County! Diablo tells us about her talk show pilot which had her singing a bunch,…


Sklarbro County 76

Sklarbro Country #171.5November 5, 2013

Founder of http://KentuckySportsradio.com, the largest independent college sports blog in America and host of KSR Radio, Matt Jones stops by along with his co-host Drew Franklin for some County madness! They share an incredible story of a true event which happened to…


Sklarbro County 75

Sklarbro Country #170.5October 29, 2013

Some much needed lady energy is in the building as fellow podcaster Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, The Adam Carolla Show) makes her way to the County! Alison tells us about how she became co-host of The Adam…


Sklarbro County 74

Sklarbro Country #169.5October 22, 2013

Hosts of the Bear Down podcast, Matt Walsh (founding member of the UCB) & Scot Armstrong (writer of Old School & The Hangover Part II) join the County boys to talk all things Chicago on today's Sklarbro County! After Matt & Scot…


Sklarbro County 73

Sklarbro Country #168.5October 15, 2013

Host of the Memory Palace podcast, Grantland contributor and one-time freelance television writer Nate DiMeo makes his Earwolf debut on this week's edition of Sklarbro County! Randy, Jason, Dan and Nate talk about the ongoing MLB playoffs and why people love to…


Sklarbro County 72

Sklarbro Country #167.5October 8, 2013

The hilarious Dan St. Germain makes his Earwolf debut and joins the similarly named Daniel Van Kirk on this week's Sklarbro County! After our hosts address some corrections from last week's episode, Dan St. Germain tells us what it was like attending…


Sklarbro County 71

Sklarbro Country #166.5October 1, 2013

Human sports jukebox Gar Ryness returns to the Sklarbro universe to talk baseball playoffs and make predictions on this week's Sklarbro County! Dan Van Kirk and his ridiculous news stories go international as he brings us some crazy stories from across the…


Sklarbro County 70

Sklarbro Country #165.5September 24, 2013

Fantastic stand-up and writer Matt Goldich stops by to tell us how he and his brothers had one of the best experiences of their life at the Beijing olympics on today’s Sklarbro County! Matt also tells us about growing up as a…


Sklarbro County 69

Sklarbro Country #164.5September 17, 2013

Phenomenal actor Josh Stamberg takes a break from filming a 10 episode arc on NBC’s Parenthood to join us in celebration of episode 69 of Sklarbro County! Josh tells us about his tough decision on leaving “Drop Dead Diva,” what his thought…


Sklarbro County 68

Sklarbro Country #163.5September 10, 2013

Comedy’s Ron Babcock is game for all the insanity that occurs on today’s Sklarbro County! Ron tells us about coming up in comedy in Phoenix, his web-show Why Would You Eat That? Challenge, and feeling accomplished after appearing on episode 69 of…


Sklarbro County 67

Sklarbro Country #162.5September 3, 2013

The hilarious & very Canadian Will Weldon is taking the United States by storm and has finally made his way to the County! Will tells us why he got fired from Much Music, how he’s a Spurs fan even though he’s from…


Sklarbro County 66

Sklarbro Country #161.5August 27, 2013

The hilarious & talented Sean O'Connor drops by the county this week to talk about writing for the ESPYs, working with Jon Hamm & what is was like to grow up as a sports fan in New Jersey. The guys talk about…


Sklarbro County 65

Sklarbro Country #160.5August 20, 2013

The County boys bring you a special stripped down, grimy, and unplugged version of Sklarbro County! The guys give us their take on A-Rod, Daniel Van Kirk breaks down what happened during his recent Mancation, and they all have a big announcement…


Sklarbro County 64

Sklarbro Country #159.5August 13, 2013

Get ready for some weird St. Louis pronunciations as the wonderful Dave Holmes drops by the County! Dave talks about hosting an array of MTV shows, co-hosting the sketch comedy-quiz show called The Friday Forty with Scott Gimple, moments in Cardinals history…


Sklarbro County 63

Sklarbro Country #158.5August 6, 2013

How Was Your Week’s Julie Klausner brings the much needed lady energy to this week’s Sklarbro County! Julie tells us about which weird celebrity sighting she’d love to see, writing for the 3rd season of Funny Or Die’s Billy On The Street,…


Sklarbro County 62

Jordan Rubin is back to experience the insanity that is Sklarbro County! Jordan tells us about working on a horror-comedy called Zombeavers, why he got over Twitter, and a terrifying tale of poop. Daniel Van Kirk also brings us some crazy stories…


Sklarbro County 61

The most trusted man in comedy, Steve Agee returns to the calming shores but this time to take his rightful seat on Sklarbro County! Steve tells us about his recent shenanigans at Comic-Con, hints at his upcoming appearance on Childrens Hospital, and…


Sklarbro County 60

It’s a full house today in the County as Rory Scovel returns along with sergeant in arms, Nate Fridson! We hear how Rory did a 50 minute stand-up set as his German character, get a preview of his upcoming TBS comedy “Ground…


Sklarbro County 59

The dulcet tones of Andy Peters is apart of the insanity that is this week’s Sklarbro County! Andy tells us a bit about coming up in the Seattle comedy scene, breaks down the different wrestling eras, and shares how he’s been trying…


Life's Bouncer

Sklarbro Country #154July 5, 2013

Celebrate your 4th of July weekend by joining us in a special behind the scenes episode of Sklarbro Country with our buddy Dan Van Kirk! We hear about the process that Dan goes through when doing a character, how he worked as…


Sklarbro County 58

Phenomenal stand-up/podcaster Dave Anthony joins us this week in walking the county!  Dave explains the beauty of texting during big games, tells us about his latest/first stand-up album, “Shame Chamber” (which ranked #1 in Australia), and gives us a heads up on…


Sklarbro County 57

The Aukermans have landed! Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman has a rollicking good time on the County! Scott gives us a sneak peek of what to look for on the upcoming season of the Comedy Bang! Bang! television show, explains how…


Sklarbro County 56

The super fast and quick witted Doug Benson takes his spot controlling the steering wheel that is Sklarbro County! Doug gives us the low down on his recent food podcast “Dining With Doug and Karen,” tells us how he’s a good samaritan,…


Sklarbro County 55

Our old buddy Rich Eisen returns for some County insanity! Rich gives us his predictions for the upcoming NFL season, counts down his Top 5 Michigan sport moments, and explains why we’ll never see a NFL draft in April ever again. Dan…


Sklarbro County 54

The wonderfully delightful Joe Mande joins the guys in the front seat that is Sklarbro County! Joe tells us about his Twitter beef with Gilbert Arenas, getting out of a speeding ticket with the diarrhea excuse, the juggling act of writing for…


Sklarbro County 53

Once again lady energy is all over the place as the brilliant Karen Kilgariff stops by the County! Karen tells us about her time as a cast member on Mr. Show, writing an original song with Mary Lynn Rajskub for the movie…


Sklarbro County 52

Friend of the show Tony Hale stops by to wish us a Happy One Year County Anniversary! Tony tells us about the process of coming up with bits on this season of Veep, one of his favorite moments from shooting the upcoming…


Sklarbro County 51

Marc Maron leaves the Cat Ranch and joins the County boys to talk about his experience doing Howard Stern for the first time, his reception of his IFC show Maron, and having to replace an essay in his new book “Attempting Normal.”…


Sklarbro County 50

Fantastic wrestler/podcaster Colt Cabana returns to the County to share tales of his time at the Gathering of the Juggalos, playing Division 1 football for Western Michigan University, and how his love of wrestling at a young age almost lead him to…


Sklarbro County 49

Sklarbro Country #144.5April 30, 2013

Denver-based comedian Adam Cayton-Holland punches waterfalls on today’s Sklarbro County! Adam tells us about why it’s okay to be a nerd within the sports realm, his Amazon pilot Those Who Can't, and the time he got arrested for underage drinking. Dan Van…


Movie Dad

Sklarbro Country #144April 26, 2013

Once again we are honored to have an incredible chat with a legendary actor, fantastic improviser, and known to many as the “movie dad.” The great Paul Dooley of stage and screen joins Randy & Jason today to officially become a citizen…


Sklarbro County 48

Sklarbro Country #143.5April 23, 2013

Lady energy is all up in the County as the incredible improviser/writer Tami Sagher stops by! Tami tells us about her last performance on the Second City mainstage, having an amazing time writing for 30 Rock, and embarrassing herself the first time…


Sklarbro County 47

Sklarbro Country #142.5April 16, 2013

It’s a family affair as the always unique comedic duo Chris & David Walsh aka The Walsh Brothers join Randy & Jason on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Chris and David Walsh tell us about their Comedy Central web-series “The Walsh Brothers’…


Sklarbro County 46

Kyle Kinane is tailor made with the skills to tackle the kind of stories that occur on Sklarbro County! Kyle talks to us about his thoughts on WrestleMania, being onstage at Zanies in Chicago as a fight broke out, and getting immediate…


Sklarbro County 45

Fantastic stand-up comic Jay Larson (Crabfeast podcast) joins us in the front seat of Sklarbro County! Jay tells us how taking a wrong number became one of Randy & Jason’s favorite stand-up bits, running the Cleatus the FOX robot Twitter account, and…


Sklarbro County 44

Sklarbro Country #139.5March 26, 2013

Chicago energy is all up in the house as Parks and Rec’s own Jim O’Heir (Damnit Jerry!) stops by today’s Sklarbro County! Jim tells us about his impressive typing skills, being in the middle of a NCAA Miami fans takeover at Barney’s Beanery,…


Sklarbro County 43

Sklarbro Country #138.5March 19, 2013

We have Anglo-Saxon energy invading the County as the hilarious Matt Kirshen stops by this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt chats about his time on Last Comic Standing, British comedy, and talks about how his dad tried to get him to become a…


Sklarbro County 42

Sklarbro Country #137.5March 12, 2013

We pull Parks and Rec’s Ben Schwartz from the country and bring him into the world of Sklarbro County! Ben talks about having a tough time watching basketball games in real time, filming an episode of House of Lies in a real…


Sklarbro County 41

Rising star Jerrod Carmichael is back by popular demand to sit down in the front seat that is Sklarbro County! Jerrod talks about where he started doing comedy, prison sitcoms, and the best most recent joke that he has come up with.…


Sklarbro County 40

Sklarbro Country #135.5February 26, 2013

Anything goes as the lovely and alluring Ben Hoffman of Comedy Central’s The Ben Show stops by the county to give us a preview of his new sketch show, he tells us about his first day moving to Hollywood, and shares his…


Sklarbro County 39

Sklarbro Country #134.5February 19, 2013

The hilarious Owen Burke of the Owen & TJ Read The News podcast joins in on the craziness of Sklarbro County! Owen tells us about growing up in a mafia centered neighborhood in New York, being apart of the improvised show Facebook,…


Sklarbro County 38

Sklarbro Country #133.5February 12, 2013

David Huntsberger of Professor Blastoff keeps it all in the Earwolf family on today’s Sklarbro County! David recaps his Superbowl viewing experience and then they get straight to the headlines including: a couple that can’t get past their butt chugging habit and…


Sklarbro County 37

Sklarbro Country #132.5February 5, 2013

One of Hollywood's most acclaimed Television comedy writers, David Kohan stops by on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! David tells us about manipulating his daughter into being a Clippers fan, talks about his unexpected success of Will & Grace, and shares his…


Sklarbro County 36

Sklarbro Country #131.5January 29, 2013

The World Champion Judah Friedlander stops by the county to talk about his audition for 30 Rock, his love of podcasts, and why he couldn’t wear a certain hat on The Late Show with David Letterman. Our co-pilot Dan Van Kirk brings…


Tiny Hunk

Sklarbro Country #131January 25, 2013

Murfreesboro's southern indie-rock act Glossary and Sklarbro favorite Nick Kroll stop by the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Glossary talks to Randy & Jason about their influences, the difference between playing a show in LA than the south, and play a couple…


Sklarbro County 35

Sklarbro Country #130.5January 22, 2013

The terrific sports writing team of Brian and Andy Kamenetzky drop by to talk sports and life on this weeks Sklarbro County! They talk about growing up with the Sklar’s in St. Louis and question why their co-authored comic book, The Camo…


Sklarbro County 34

Sklarbro Country #129.5January 15, 2013

The lovely host and producer of the legendary live show UnCabaret, Beth Lapides stops by on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Beth tells us about spending New Year’s Eve doing yoga with Joni Mitchell, recalls some of the amazing performances that were…


Sklarbro County 33

Sklarbro Country #128.5January 8, 2013

Lady energy invades the County as the great Lynn Shawcroft stops by to share her love of tennis! Lynn talks about growing up in Canada & England, her stand up bit with Jon Dore, and knowing funny people who are not comedians.…


Sklarbro County 32

Sklarbro Country #127.5January 1, 2013

Let Sklarbro County be the warm shower that washes away 2012 and brings you into the New Year! Fellow Earwolf podcaster Har Mar Superstar is back to join the County gang to expand the “I Want My Baby Back (Ribs)” song, tell…


The Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #127December 28, 2012

The citizens that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together again this year to help us wrap up 2012, share their plans for the holidays, and look at what is in store for the new year. Join Randy and Jason for a star…


Sklarbro County 31

Sklarbro Country #126.5December 25, 2012

It's Christmas! And speaking of immaculate conceptions, guest Jon Dore was on the calming shores for the birth of Henderson. Now he's back, and joining the gang on County to laugh through takes on box fans and lap dances for the needy.…


Sklarbro County 30

Sklarbro Country #125.5December 18, 2012

Comedian and writer Julius Sharpe drops by to the County this week to reveal his real name. Julius talks about writing for The Late Late Show during the Craig Kilborn to Craig Ferguson transition, his hot baby, and the funniest heckle he…


Sklarbro County 29

Sklarbro Country #124.5December 11, 2012

Wayne Federman shows off his keyboard skills on today’s Sklarbro County! He talks about second acting his way into Broadway shows, the process behind writing Pete Maravich: The Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete, and his love for fast food. Dan Van Kirk…


Sklarbro County 28

Sklarbro Country #123.5December 4, 2012

Comedian Gary Gulman returns but this time to the County to nerd out about comedy! Gary talks about his upcoming special “In This Economy?,” watching Jerry Seinfeld perform when he was in college, and the audition process for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan…


Sklarbro County 27

Sklarbro Country #122.5November 27, 2012

Today, the hilarious Maria Bamford joins the County.  We talk about her new special, things not to do while driving to visit your new boyfriend, and Arrested Development.  This is the perfect episode for all those HSPs out there!  Don't forget to…


Sklarbro County 26

Sklarbro Country #121.5November 20, 2012

Today in Sklarbro prairie comes the awesome Cash Levy (from the podcast Cashing In With TJ Miller). He talks about his propensity for catching foul balls, sneaking into the Super Bowl, and how to get into any gym in the world. Dan…


Sklarbro County 25

Sklarbro Country #120.5November 13, 2012

We are back in the Earwolf studios today with very special St. Louis guest comedian Tommy Johnagin! Tommy tells us about losing his voice while watching the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Series game, how his time on Last Comic Standing helped…


Sklarbro County 24

Sklarbro Country #119.5November 6, 2012

For the first time ever, Randy, Jason and Dan record Sklarbro County out of the Earwolf Studios. Coming to you straight from Dan Van Kirk's cabin in Wisconsin, the boys are joined by the always hilarious young comedian from New York, Nate…


Sklarbro County 23

Sklarbro Country #118.5October 30, 2012

Chicago energy fills the air as one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade and fellow podcaster Matt Walsh returns on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Matt tells us about working on the show Veep, being a sucker for Aaron…


Sklarbro County 22

Sklarbro Country #117.5October 23, 2012

YES! Brody Stevens brings the positive energy to this week’s Sklarbro County! Brody has a close connection with sports as he tells us about playing baseball for Arizona State University, feeling like he’s pitching when doing stand-up, and how hanging with A-Rod…


Sklarbro County 21

Sklarbro Country #116.5October 16, 2012

Professional wrestler and fellow podcaster Colt Cabana drops by to Fireman Takedown a Fjord on this week’s Sklarbro County! Colt tells us how his love of podcasts made him want to start “The Art of Wrestling” podcast, shares a story about his…


Sklarbro County 20

Sklarbro Country #115.5October 9, 2012

The 40-Year-Old Boy himself, Mike Schmidt drops by to punch a waterfall on this week’s Sklarbro County! Mike describes how his podcast has morphed into what it is today over its 5 year existence, talks about the time he almost got his…


Sklarbro County 19

Sklarbro Country #114.5October 2, 2012

Put on your Jayme Johns and get ready for your mid-week snack on today’s Sklarbro County! The set-up master 2000, Tom Segura, returns to talk about his new album “White Girls With Cornrows,” his favorite black names, and how his father writes…


Sklarbro County 18

Sklarbro Country #113.5September 25, 2012

We nerd out about sports with Grantland’s Jonah Keri on this week’s Sklarbro County! Jonah tells us how he realized sportswriting was his calling at a young age, unveils a story about his encounter with Jon Gruden, and recalls his choice of…


Jockstrap Boner

Sklarbro Country #113September 21, 2012

An in house favorite, James Adomian joins us today for a star-studded episode of Sklarbro Country! Randy & Jason talk about their wonderful experience throwing the first pitch at Progressive Field and how some old man booed the pitch. We then welcome…


Sklarbro County 17

Sklarbro Country #112.5September 18, 2012

We’re going international this week as we welcome Kenny Hassan & Steven Cohen to Sklarbro County! They talk about the differences in English and American soccer commenting, having to be engaged in watching a soccer game, and the previous inaccessibility of viewing…


Sklarbro County 16

Sklarbro Country #111.5September 11, 2012

It’s time for your mid-week snack with today’s Sklarbro County! We are joined by Brendon Walsh and Randy Leitke of the Bone Zone podcast to talk about Randy’s challenge to Joe Rogan, Brendon’s connection to 90210, and their pajama party. Dan Van…


Sklarbro County 15

Sklarbro Country #110.5September 4, 2012

Sports. Sklars. Kosta. Michael Kosta gets acquainted to the front seat this week on Sklarbro County! Michael joins us to talk about his time as a tennis champ, attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, and officiating a wedding. Dan Van Kirk brings…


Badgering The Hoochie

Sklarbro Country #110August 31, 2012

Jason Biggs gives us the stuff this week on Sklarbro Country! He helps us Sklarbritrate the situations with Ken Shamrock’s punching spree and Randy Travis’s church parking lot brawl. Jason also talks about living a double life as a child, his experience…


Sklarbro County 14

Sklarbro Country #109.5August 28, 2012

Are the guys flying solo this week? Shhh...it’s our little secret. Dan Van Kirk delivers some stories that include Bin Laden’s translator wanting an apology from Lebron James, U.S. Olympic track star Nick Symmonds gunning for the world record of the Beer…


Sklarbro County 13

Sklarbro Country #108.5August 21, 2012

Fred Stoller does not hold back during this week’s Sklarbro County! Fred drops in to talk about being the 10 day contract guy, loving to root against the empire, and being mistaken as a guy who can’t drive. Dan Van Kirk brings…


Sklarbro County 12

Sklarbro Country #107.5August 14, 2012

Take your victory lap this week with a new Sklarbro County! Jason Nash joins Randy & Jason in studio to make a formal offer to Bruce Jenner, contribute in an Olympics wrap-up, and help bring some crazy stories to life. Insane stories…


A Tale of Two Richards

Sklarbro Country #107August 10, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to have legend Richard Simmons join us for the first ever musical episode of Sklarbro Country! Richard electrifies us with tales of early beginnings as a waiter, his appearances on Letterman, and how Sweatin’ to the…


Sklarbro County 11

Sklarbro Country #106.5August 7, 2012

We welcome Matt Price to the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt joins Randy & Jason to talk about his new podcast Whale Cave, interviewing Shaq at a Nestlé Crunch camp for kids, and great comedy troupe names! We also…


Department Store Santa

Sklarbro Country #106August 3, 2012

Kevin Nealon, of Saturday Night Live and Weeds, is a fellow stand-up that Randy & Jason Sklar have known for a long time and joins them this week for a Sklartastic episode of Sklarbro Country! He shares a tale of his early…


Sklarbro County 10

Are you ready to grip it and rip it? Comedian Jon Daly joins Randy and Jason to reach out to golfer John Daly with his Jo(h)n Daly project. We also get into some stories involving a hacked Twitter account, getting robbed by…


Sklarbro County 9

We're feasting on Keyshawn wine, Taco Bell, and outrageous new stories as Howard Kremer joins us in Sklarbro County. You'll learn how to write the perfect obituary, get banned from children's theme parks, and find viral videos of attractive Olympians online. You…


Synthetic Urine

Sklarbro Country #104July 20, 2012

If the combination of sports, comedy, and indie rock isn't wild enough for you, today's guest coexists in the worlds of Mexican wrestling, burlesque, Largo, alternative rock, Carlos Mencia, and cats. Writer and alt legend Blaine Capatch is dipping his toes in…


Sklarbro County 8

What's an episode of Sklarbro County without drunken, nude news stories? Guest Cole Stratton comes prepared with a Terrell Owens' co-ed softball tale, and the gang touches on Tom Brady's creepy contests, drunken Facebook-initiated fights, and a "human sandtrap" covered in feces.…


Monkey Trumpet

Sklarbro Country #103July 13, 2012

Konichiwa! Between the bath salts diet and strip club lap sores, we're keeping it health concious on the calming shores. Janet Varney joins us to discuss online gambling, cherry spitting, and topless TV scenes. Plus, a Sklarbro Country first! We have Steven…


Sklarbro County 7

We're having a baby racin' good time here on Sklarbro County! Matt Braunger is hanging out today to talk about hot dogs, police non-brutality, and everything else that makes America great! We're also chatting with our resident MMA expert Tim Gunn about…


Sklarbro County 6

The boys share a crazy story involving Richard Simmons, Laura Dern, and RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. Plus, NASCAR romance novels and tons of naked news is discussed. Comedian Hampton Yount visits, Mark Walhberg leaves a voicemail, and we speak on…


Sklarbro County 5

Drunken golf course driving, disruptive dancing, and ghosts are on the docket this week with guest T.J. Miller. Plus, sad clown Professor Giggles, well, he's just done.


Puh-Pillow Pets

Sklarbro Country #100June 22, 2012

What would a 100th episode be without a Sklarbitration, topless golfing women, and old Greek man pillows? Fred Armisen, of Saturday Night Live and Portlandia, has been friends with Randy and Jason Sklar for over a decade, and the show is filled…


Sklarbro County 4

Sklarbro Country #99.5June 19, 2012

Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, brings his knowledge of major league quirks and mischievous college roommates to the calming shores. God's fiery messages, big fat fatty athletes, and subpar sandwiches are discussed. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves a musical voicemail.


Sklarbro County 3

Sklarbro Country #98.5June 12, 2012

We're not going to try to reel you into listening to Sklarbro County with rewards for bearded listeners or wordy legal mumbo jumbo. Instead, we're just telling you that co-host Dan Van Kirk has cooked up some awesome stories for us this…


Sklarbro County 2

It's packed in the County today, with live music from Canadian folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers, a chat with ESPN's Jemele Hill, and an interesting voicemail from Robert Siegel. So put on your Super Bowl rings, bikinis, and ice skates, and…


Sklarbro County 1

As per your requests Sklarbro Citizens, Randy and Jason are bringing you a bite size morsel of sports headlines and hilarity to bridge the gap between Sklarbro Country episodes -- and they're calling it Sklarbro County. We'll be talking professional tennis and…


Bench An Engineer

Sklarbro Country #95May 18, 2012

You are in for a treat today! Rich Eisen is here and he is as great a candidate for Sklarbro citizenship as you'd imagine! He tells us about his experiences doing stand-up in college. He talks about the early days of Sports…


Stalking An Old Nugget

Sklarbro Country #94May 11, 2012

Mad Men fans cannot miss this week's Sklarbro Country! Don Draper himself Jon Hamm is back on the calming shores to tell us how the Cardinals impacted the current season of Mad Men and joins us for the opening takes and Weekly Wahlberg. Plus we're…


Tiny Andy Dufrane

Sklarbro Country #92April 27, 2012

People all over the country are familiar with Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover and his other wildly successful projects. But I bet those people don't know what kind of fruit Zach grows on his farm or the fact that he won't race…


The Sembello Pull

Sklarbro Country #91April 20, 2012

Hey you nerds and coolos! Are you ready for a new Sklarbro Country with the super funny Jordan Peele? Jordan has been making us laugh on Key & Peele and he is here in Sklarbro Country to tell us the key to…


36 Virgins

Sklarbro Country #90April 13, 2012

Folks, prepare yourselves! Prepare yourselves for an over-sized load of Sklarbro Country with special guests Jim Gaffigan and Colin Hay! Colin treats us to his amazing songs, delights us with his rock star stories, and cracks us up as he joins in on Quick Hits. Jim…


Bacarri Breezer

Sklarbro Country #89April 6, 2012

We have no doubt that Sklarbro Country residents were and are huge Arrested Development fans. This week on the show we have the hook-handed youngest brother Tony Hale in the studio to tell us about his real life relationship with Liza Minnelli…


Hurdler Backpack

Sklarbro Country #88March 30, 2012

This week's Sklarbro Country will fill you up with comedy like a one-pound hot dog will with cholesterol! Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam makes his maiden voyage to the calming shores and brings with him behind-the-scenes stories and audition tales that SNL…


Flat Cats

Sklarbro Country #86March 16, 2012

Are you ready for a doubleheader of awesome Sklarbro Country guests? For the first time ever, we have two guests from disparate worlds joining us throughout the episode: Comedian/screenwriter Tom Lennon and podcaster/host of Hoarders Matt Paxton. Matt lived in Reno, Tom…


Sklarwood Luncheon 2012

Sklarbro Country #85March 9, 2012

Folks, this is one for the books! We have FIVE guests this week from the worlds of comedy, film, television, athletics, and Toshiba. You'll get your weekly dose of Wahlberg before getting to know Graham Elwood who talks to us about performing…


Living On A Edge

Sklarbro Country #83February 24, 2012

Living On A Edge! Ben Schwartz just might be the Jeremy Lin of comedy: He comes from humble beginnings, he's worked super hard to get where he is now, and he is absolutely killing it right now! Writing movies, stealing scenes on…


Turn the (Ellen) Page

Sklarbro Country #82February 17, 2012

Sklarbro Country is coming at you this week like a blind paralympian or a drunk Zamboni driver! Our guest is the lightning fast comedian Chris Fairbanks who talks to us about skateboarding, nudity as a defense in a fight, and what makes…

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