Dave Ross

Dave Ross is a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. Sometimes his comedy is vulnerable and personal. Other times his comedy is loud, stupid and about butts. You can find him stumbling around L.A. and the country, performing at every festival, club, theater, bar, fire hall or bombed-out stone building that will have him. He’s in a sketch group called WOMEN that makes sketches for Comedy Central and IFC’s Comedy Crib. He hosts the podcast Terrified on the Nerdist Network.

Guest Appearances

Dave Ross, Zach Sims and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Cam & Rhea talk Boise, Empire Carpet and Lent lunch. Sets from Zach Sims and Dave Ross.


Howard Kremer, Dave Ross, Lisa Best, Melanie Maras, Adam Cayton-Holland and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Cam and Rhea talk ghosts, angels and cruise eggs. Sets from Lisa Best, Adam Cayton-Holland, Dave Ross, Melanie Maras and Howard Kremer.


Sklarbro County 193

Sklarbro Country #288.5February 2, 2016

Jason and Randy catch up with comedian Dave Ross on this week's Sklarbro County. They discuss experimenting with drugs in college and when you can call heroin “H.” On topic, Daniel Van Kirk’s crazy story follows two stoned drug dealers who called…


Dave Ross

Get Up On This #27April 28, 2015

Stand-up comedian Dave Ross joins Jensen & Matty to talk about his sketch group WOMEN being featured on IFC, his podcast Terrified, his Drunk History outtakes, performing comedy on the Warped Tour, Welcome To Los Santos album, Moonhearts, Unfriended, Clark & Dawe,…

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