Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live since 2002. He is well known for his impressions which include Barack Obama, Prince, Steve Jobs, and David Paterson, the Governor of New York. Before joining the comedy game Fred was a respected musician, playing drums for Trenchmouth and Blue Man Group. Recently his sketch duo Thunderant created the IFC sketch show Portlandia.

Guest Appearances

Madrid: Live from Outside Lands 2016

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes all back to Spontaneanation, recorded in front of a LIVE audience at Outside Lands in San Francisco! This week, Paul’s special guest is Fred Armisen of Portlandia and Saturday Night Live! They chat about whether a cheeseburger is…


If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth A Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen & Jake have been buds for a long time and are here to talk about all things Punk on today’s edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fred tells us about filming interviews as different characters in his 1998 SXSW Guide to…


Puh-Pillow Pets

Sklarbro Country #100June 22, 2012

What would a 100th episode be without a Sklarbitration, topless golfing women, and old Greek man pillows? Fred Armisen, of Saturday Night Live and Portlandia, has been friends with Randy and Jason Sklar for over a decade, and the show is filled…


Live from LA it's Comedy Bang Bang!

Comedy Bang Bang #68August 26, 2010

Sometimes Comedy Bang Bang gets serious, and today is the case when Scott finally breaks down the all-important question on everyone's mind: What is Fred Armisen's ethnic makeup? Buuut seriously folks, Scott and Fred discuss the aspects of Saturday Night Live (or…

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