If It Ain’t Stiff, It Ain’t Worth A Fred Armisen

The Fogelnest Files #34 May 2, 2013

Fred Armisen & Jake have been buds for a long time and are here to talk about all things Punk on today’s edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fred tells us about filming interviews as different characters in his 1998 SXSW Guide to Music, gives us a behind the scenes look at the History of Punk SNL sketch, and explains why the idea of Portlandia was almost organic. Fred & Jake also take a look at The Specials SNL performance, The Damned on The Young Ones, and Dee Dee Ramone’s foray into Hip-Hop as Dee Dee King. Make sure to leave reviews for Crisis of Conformity’s “Fist Fight!” in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes. If you’re listening to this the day it drops, be sure to tune in to a special LIVE video podcast of THE FOGELNEST FILES w/ Howard Kremer & Kulap Vilaysack of Who Charted? on Thursday, May 2nd at 6pm PST/9pm EST over at youtube.com/Earwolf!

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