Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross has served as Roastmaster General for the Comedy Central roasts of William Shatner, Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson and more. While he’s contributed to shows like Live at Gotham and The Daily Show for years, he only recently had his first ever comedy special which was titled No Offense: Live from New Jersey. If there is a celebrity to be mocked, you will not have to look far for Jeffrey.

Guest Appearances

Aren't You Glad

Comedy Bang Bang #198February 4, 2013

Aren’t you glad that the Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross and Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith are making their Comedy Bang Bang debut!? That’s not all, Sarah Silverman joins us to sing some of her telegrams and author Cam Billmoth reads an excerpt from…


Rocky Theorum

Sklarbro Country #22December 23, 2010

Sklarbro Country returns to it's athletic roots with Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and black belt (slash Roastmaster General) Jeffrey Ross. Jeff takes us through his career from his stand-up origins to his favorite roast jokes such as this rare gem from…

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