June 10, 2016

EP. 307 — Roast In Peace

Jeffrey Ross is known worldwide as The RoastMaster General for good reason. Jeff joins Randy and Jason to chat about taking The Comedy Store’s Roast Battle on the road to becoming a TV show for Comedy Central, performing at one of his first ever roasts for Steven Seagal at the Friars Club, being terrified roasting inmates while filming his special “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail”, and his latest experience roasting law enforcement for his special “Jeff Ross Roasts Cops.” Later, we call up Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys to see what’s going on with the NFL. Plus, Jeff roasts The Sklar Brothers with one singular joke!

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Recent Episodes

June 23, 2017

Actor/comedian Tom Arnold returns to the show for the last ever Earwolf studio-recorded episode of Sklarbro Country! Randy and Jason dive into an examination of what has led to the drop off in modern American tennis stars before Tom shares his favorite stories from The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Then, we hear why Tom almost got in a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nephew, how he kept Clint Eastwood from petting a bald eagle, and what sport he’s been jonesing for lately. Quick Hits brings reports of a soccer goalie who bailed at halftime and a catfish thrown into a hockey rink, and finally, former Vice President Al Gore stops by to show off his rapping skills.



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June 16, 2017

Randy and Jason discuss the NBA Finals and how Kevin Durant can fix the Association’s parity problem. Then Erik Griffin (Workaholics, I’m Dying Up Here) joins the show! The three discuss what “I’m Dying Up Here” gets right about the comedy world. Erik talks about how he got his courtside season tickets, what it’s like having players actually hear what you’re yelling, and what the Clippers need to do to take it to the next level. Then the discussion turns to the NBA Finals, how close in talent the Warriors and Cavs truly are, and how NBA player contracts should work. All three agree college athletes should be compensated, and debate the best way to do it. On Quick Hits: the Austin Rivers/Big Baby beef, pro athletes living in apartments, and Mr. Met’s fingers. Jesse Thorn brings a fantasy report.

June 8, 2017

Comic actresses Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson (GLOW) join Randy and Jason for this week’s Sklarbro Country! First, the Bros cover their main story: The Tebow Effect. Then, they talk to Kimmy and Rebekka about their work on the new Netflix series GLOW, including how they were trained by Chavo Guerrero, getting beaten up by the ropes, and writing their own character bits. Then, they discuss a Turkish NBA player involved in political controversy and an MMA fighter who unknowingly fought while pregnant during Quick Hits, and finally, the Sklars talk to Matthew McConaughey about Mo Bamba’s Texas recruitment.