Pamela Murphy

Pamela Murphy

Pamela Murphy has been studying and performing at the UCB Theatre since 2003. She is ecstatic to be a member of the Harold team Standard Oil and the Maude team Arbuckle. Pam’s solo show, The C Word, a show she wrote about her experience with breast cancer, was named The Best Solo Show of 2010 by Time Out NY and was nominated for an ECNY award. Other past UCB credits include performances with the Harold teams Havana Clambake, Killebrew, Kill Your Darlings and DeCoster, the Maude Team, Slow Burn, and in the UCBT shows Killgore:The New Blood, B-Roll: Fact or Fiction, Sketch Cram, Glue Trap Theatre, Blackout, MOther Knows Best, The Hogwarts Improvisation Society, The It Sucked Awards, Marx the Spot, and as an Irish superhero in The Iron Sheikh. Pam also directed the currently running UCB show, Thin Skin Jonny:Farewell Reunion Tour. She has appeared on Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon, the pilot Bad Parents, a slew of commercials and a ridiculous amount of internet videos. When not performing, Pamela spends her free time spoiling her skittish dogs. Those dogs really do love her.

Guest Appearances

Skunk Trunk Weezer Fight

improv4humans #556June 23, 2022

Chris Gethard and Pam Murphy join Matt Besser for scenes about ethically fighting at a rock show, Disney’s hired heartbreaker, Teal Swan, comedy acts getting real on the issues, and more!


Aggie Jokes

improv4humans #523November 3, 2021

Mookie Blaiklock, Pam Murphy, and Ronnie Adrian join Matt Besser for scenes about telemarketers getting their lines crossed, an Aggie joke writers' room, a comic who causes relationship problems, and more!


Brick City Dookie Balls

improv4humans #512August 18, 2021

Aman Adumer, Don Fanelli, and Pam Murphy join Matt Besser to improvise scenes about a brick store in Newark, Hogwarts House interactions, awful concert conditions, pitching an idea with some dookie on ya, and more!


Noisy Neighbors

improv4humans #493April 8, 2021

Pam Murphy and Andy Daly join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about a workout plumber, overzealous backstage security guards, complaints about the tallest tree in the neighborhood, and more.


A Dog's Journey Homeward

improv4humans #411September 4, 2019

Sassy the Cat, Chance the Mutt, and Shadow the Collie are living the good life with their boy and his parents in Malibu. But when the boy gets taken to his grandmother’s house in Eagle Rock, the three animals promise to find…


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can't Do Sit-Ups (w/ Pam Murphy)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Pam Murphy) returns to do shuttle runs around the Hard Nation studios. She reveals her true feelings about Hope Hicks, defends her handling of the Stormy Daniels scandal, and reads more real letters that real…


Pamela Murphy - Spotlight On: Mary Beth Walter

WOMP It Up! #32February 13, 2018

From twixt the stacks of the Marina del Rey Public High School Library, Marissa and Listler are joined by Mary Beth Walter (Pamela Murphy), the job fair recruiter from Dimensions, Inc. Mary Beth talks about her cat rescue operation and the most…


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can Bench 550 (w/ Pamela Murphy)

Private: Hard Nation #80October 11, 2017

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Pamela Murphy) brings her skateboard and a bucket of mashed potatoes to the shores of Hard Nation. After reading some heartwarming letters to the president from children named Scallop and Scaliwag, she plays Mark &…


The Best of i4h Vol. 7

improv4humans #275January 26, 2017

The humons have voted, and here are your favorite scenes of 2016. These performances feature James Adomian, Mary Holland, Jon Gabrus, John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri, Anthony Atamanuik, Neil Casey, Pam Murphy, Ian Roberts, Sean Clements, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, Nicole Parker, Paul…


Lydia Loveless and the Mortgage Muse

improv4humans #262October 20, 2016

Musical guest Lydia Loveless joins Pamela Murphy, Dan Lippert, Tim Meadows, and Matt Besser for a musical edition of improv4humans! Songs about dating an artist and moving on inspire scenes about an unsatisfactory muse and a therapist that uses his own relationship…



improv4humans #256September 8, 2016

Charlie Sanders, Jeff Hiller, and Pamela Murphy join Matt Besser for this week's improv4humans. A delivery driver makes his own spagetti for his customers, members of Weight Watchers take a proactive approach to cutting their points, and a camera operator keeps the…


Punch Those D's, America! (w/ Alison Rich, Pam Murphy, Dan Black)

The phone lines are open this week! Trump University student Alyssa Marezzo (Alison Rich) tries to sell Pete a scarf, gun shop owner Claudia Danger (Pamela Murphy) stumps for “Stand Your Womb” legislation, and Professor Charles Waterbury (Dan Black) has a new…


Why Kill the Golden Goose?

improv4humans #233March 31, 2016

Neil Casey, Pam Murphy and Matt Besser explore the police investigation of Jack and the Beanstalk. An ocean thermometer barker tries to move up in the world and a grandpa tells incredibly long jokes to an impatient teenager. On a trip abroad,…


Realies and Fictionals

Comedy Bang Bang #379October 5, 2015

Alia Shawkat, Angela Trimbur, and Adam DeVine stop by to give Scott and intern Gino a behind the scenes look into their new Horror Comedy film The Final Girls on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! We'll find out what it's like to…


Pam Murphy: Mary, Mary, On the Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Welcome back to another episode of Mary, Mary, On the Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? with your host Mary McMahon (Pam Murphy)! This week Mary is excited to have a controversial figure in the garden world join her, plant psychic Diana…


Waxahatchee and the Beige River

improv4humans #186May 7, 2015

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee joins Seth Morris, Pamela Murphy, Jeff Hiller, and Matt Besser for a musical episode of improv4humans! We’ll hear Katie play some songs that will inspire scenes about whether you should hang out with the person you just…


Bring Your Dad In Day

improv4humans #170January 15, 2015

Andy Daly, Pamela Murphy, and Joel Spence teach us about manners and the proper way to introduce yourself on this week's improv4humans with Matt Besser! You’ll also hear as they participate in Bring Your Dad In Day, confront a grandfather who loves…


Musical Organs

Comedy Bang Bang #325December 8, 2014

Ground Floor stars Skylar Astin & Rory Scovel are two bros that are today’s Comedy Bean Bag! Skylar, Rory, & Scott chat about the new season of TBS's Ground Floor, which songs will be in Pitch Perfect 2, and Rory's future comedy…


Funky Kong

improv4humans #160November 13, 2014

Paul Rust, Pamela Murphy, and Dan Lippert check into a video game rehabilitation center on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! They’ll also hear a first time concertgoer’s experience, get to the bottom of a grandma scam, and try to keep their…


Little Button Puss

Comedy Bang Bang #310September 15, 2014

WARNING: Kevin Allison of the groundbreaking sketch comedy troupe The State & the RISK! podcast joins the first timer club on today's Comedy Bing Bong! Kevin lets us know the deets surrounding the upcoming The State reunion at Festival Supreme, the origin…


Fleeces & Jesus with Chris Farren

improv4humans #146August 7, 2014

Colton Dunn, Pamela Murphy, and Alex Fernie are here along with special musical guest Chris Farren of Fake Problems for a musical edition of improv4humans with Matt Besser! Chris treats us by playing some songs which serve as inspiration for improvised scenes…


Hubba Bubba Worthy

improv4humans #134May 15, 2014

Danielle Schneider, Neil Casey, and Pamela Murphy get acquainted with a restaurant sitter, deal with an internet famous dad who tells bad raunchy jokes, and train to be Hubba Bubba worthy on this week's improv4humans with Matt Besser! Plus, we hear Doug…


Bonus Cut: 4, 2, Apple Pie

improv4humans #105.5November 5, 2013

Wayne Federman, Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Alex Fernie are back with a robotic mannequin on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Plus, a letter from Matt’s grandma shows us how simple and beautiful life used to be. You can now get…


Zombie Lisp

improv4humans #105October 31, 2013

No tricks and instead all treats this Halloween on a special improv5humans with Wayne Federman, Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Alex Fernie! Take a listen as they explore Lithuanian fountains, experience some stressful massages, and be part of a realistic zombie movie.…


Podcast Silence

Comedy Bang Bang #250October 21, 2013

The star of The Pete Holmes Show, infectious laugher, and today’s guest of honor Pete Holmes finally makes it weird on his inaugural Comedy Bing Bong appearance! Also joining both Scott & Pete is Gino Lambardo, a new intern from Long Island…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 3

improv4humans #100September 26, 2013

Join us in celebration of the 100th episode of the greatest podcast in the universe with some of your favorite improv4humans scenes featuring Seth Morris, Mookie Blaiklock, Will McLaughlin, Zack Pearlman, Adam Pally, John Gemberling, Mike Still, Joel Spence, Stephanie Allynne, Ben…


Bonus Cut: Best of What's Bothering You? Special

improv4humans #98.5September 17, 2013

We’ve gathered some of our favorite What’s Bothering You? segments for this week’s special bonus episode of improv4humans which features an all-star roster of improvisers which includes Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, Billy Merritt, Andy Daly, Stephanie Allynne, Chris Kula, Sean Clements, Neil…


Bonus Cut: Making Out

improv4humans #95.5August 27, 2013

Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Billy Merritt discover that making out is not what it’s all cracked up to be on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Enjoy! Come out and see improv4humans LIVE at Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend! For more…


I Pet A Tiger!

improv4humans #95August 22, 2013

Step into the chamber with Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Billy Merritt on today’s improv4humans! They’ll run into a couple of citizens of Google town, bring back stoning, and create a makeover show like you’ve never seen before. Wowza! You can now…


Bonus Cut: A Fancy Lady

improv4humans #86.5June 25, 2013

Lennon Parham, Danielle Schneider, and Pamela Murphy are back and find themselves in the presence of a real fancy lady on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Enjoy! Don’t forget to that you can now get Matt Besser’s new comedy album “Woo…


Shane & Friends with Matt Besser

improv4humans #86June 20, 2013

Improvisers Lennon Parham, Danielle Schneider, and Pamela Murphy bring the lady energy on this week’s improv4humans! They’ll deal with an obnoxious Arby’s customer, help support awkward loners, run into Lucifer in the woods, and ask themselves what exactly is a YouTube star.…


You Have To Take Action

Comedy Bang Bang #214April 18, 2013

Comedian and author Jen Kirkman explains why she’s never been on the show on today’s b-b-b-bonus episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Jen talks about her new book I Can Barely Take Care of Myself, her fear of finding a dead body, and…


Ironic Hitler Teapot

improv4humans #71March 7, 2013

Cool it with the road rage and buckle up for this week’s improv4humans with humans Pamela Murphy, Mookie Blaiklock, and Greg Tuculescu! Listen as they improvise scenes about island creatures, car wrecks, and ironic random humor. We also have a special Case…


Bonus Cut: Krumping & Improv Show

improv4humans #64.5January 29, 2013

Pamela Murphy, Mike Still, and Alex Fernie return for a bonus cut of improv4humans! Listen as they do their best to explain improv to a Krumping team. Enjoy!


Blowjob Accident

improv4humans #64January 24, 2013

We are so grateful to have Pamela Murphy, Mike Still, and Alex Fernie join us this week for a fantastic episode of improv4humans! Listen as they compete in a pepper eating contest, explain what Grunge is, and teach us some sex tricks.…


What Else? What Else?

Comedy Bang Bang #193January 10, 2013

Kristen Schaal makes her first in-studio appearance on today’s special Thursday episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Kristen schools co-host Nancy Cooper on rare pennies, microphone techniques, and invites her to Los Angeles for a 24 hour comedy training experience. Teenager Rick Faber…


You Know What I Mean?

Comedy Bang Bang #190December 10, 2012

Did you ever notice that Demetri Martin has never been on Comedy Bang Bang? Well Demetri is here in studio to tell us about growing up in the Jersey Shore, gift giving, and how he celebrates the holidays. Don’t you hate it…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 2

improv4humans #56November 29, 2012

Once again we asked YOU which were some of your favorite scenes from the past episodes of improv4humans and we put together volume 2 of this special collection of improvised scenes. Listen to an all star cast of improvisers create scenes based…


Bonus Cut: Need for Speed

improv4humans #48.5October 15, 2012

Matt Walsh, Kevin Dorff, and Pamela Murphy are back with a bonus cut of improv4humans! We've all had run-ins with the cops, but nothing compares to this!


Up Ass Wound

improv4humans #48October 11, 2012

Matt Walsh, Kevin Dorff, and Pamela Murphy cook up a buffet of scenes on today’s improv4humans! They cover everything from emergency rooms, highlander golfers, and the presidential debate. Plus, Eric the unpaid Intern returns for some Man On The Street Interviews from…



Totally Laime #128July 13, 2012

Wake up sleepyheads, Pam Murphy is in our living room and she is FABULOUS! She shares stories of her breast cancer battle with us, we commiserate about our shittiest jobs, Pam steps up to helps mediate some martial spats. Enjoy!


I Fixed It!

improv4humans #35July 12, 2012

Hey, all you stupid, fat little girls. It’s time to redeem your rock n’ roll gift card for some great guests... Lennon Parham, Pam Murphy, and Ben Siemon! They cover everything from cancer to coal mines to Schindler’s List. We also hear…

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