April 5, 2023

EP. 597 — Brett Has A Tortoise?!

Chad Carter and Pam Murphy join Matt Besser for scenes about competing for a lost tortoise, soccer players looking to party, and parents who disapprove of math. Plus, a visit to the Sci-Fi Encyclopedia provides a reboot of the classic television series Otherworld, and the a quote from poet John Ciardi inspires an art class to use its imagination.


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June 1, 2023

Joe Wengert and Anthony King join Matt Besser for scenes about swim trunks that don’t keep the poop in, breaking down the Ed Sheeran copyright case, and a meeting of two Joe Wengerts. Plus, the magic of making potato chips, the weirdest Zillow listing, and a revival of the sci-fi series Space Precinct.

May 24, 2023

Andy Daly, Pam Murphy and Mookie Blaiklock join Matt Besser LIVE at The Ice House in Pasadena for this week’s improv4humans!

May 18, 2023

Ali Ghandour, Ronnie Adrian, and Dan Lippert join Matt Besser for scenes about first date mystery boxes, a parent upstaging their kid’s basketball game, and Why Wouldn’t Ya Just’ing a script.