17 Classic Movies That Were Saved By Studio Interference

The Cracked Podcast #207 October 16, 2017

In an alternate 1985, American movie audiences saw a movie called Spaceman From Pluto, wherein Eric Stoltz’s time-traveling DeLorean is sent back to the 80s by driving straight into a nuclear explosion — nuke the fridge style.

Almost as if the writers and producers had time traveled themselves to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and realized what a horrible idea that would be, Stoltz was recast, the title was changed to Back to the Future and Marty McFly gets back to the future by summoning 1.21 gigawatts through the power of lightning.

This is just one example of how studio notes aren’t always a bad thing. On this week’s episode, Alex Schmidt is joined by The Canon’s Amy Nicholson to discuss how movies like Alien, Forrest Gump, and Beverly Hills Cop were saved, or almost completely ruined by the scourge of Hollywood: studio notes.

Footnotes: https://goo.gl/nXFKEB

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