May 25, 2023

EP. 164 — A Journey of Healing with Jamie Windust

Author and speaker Jamie Windust joins Jameela this week to share about their personal journey of trauma and healing. They discuss Jamie‘s experience of sexual assault, the resources that were available to them as a non-binary person, learning to accept the healing process, the importance of medication and therapy as well as reconnecting with oneself, how trauma looks different than we sometimes expect, and more.


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IWEIGH-164-20230523-JamieWindust-ACv01-DYN.mp3 [00:00:00] Jameela Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you’re well, and I want to warn you upfront that this is not an easy lesson because we are dealing with the subject of sexual trauma, a sexual assault, and the incredibly tricky aftermath of that, especially for someone who is queer or gender non-conforming. My guest is Jamie Windust, they are a wonderful model and speaker and advocate and writer and general all around good human being. Few years ago they were subjected to a terrible trauma at the hands of someone else sexually. And we do not go into details as to what exactly happened to Jamie because I wanted to be very respectful of their privacy and to not retraumatize them in their generous move to come onto this podcast and unpack something that is very difficult for anyone to talk about. But I’m deeply honored that they chose me to come and discuss this

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