August 23, 2022

EP. 133.5 — A Look Back on Beach Games

It’s the end of summer break so why not take one more trip to the beach with “Beach Games”?! Relisten to writer Jen Celotta sharing her memories from this episode. From the ‘Survivor’ theme to the challenges that went into shooting Andy floating away in the Sumo suit, we get all of the behind the scenes details! Then, we dive into the hilarious hot dog eating contest and Angela schools us with her basketball knowledge. Finally, we answer fan questions about the hot coal walking scene, and discuss Pam’s new found courage to tell Jim the truth.


OFFICE 133.5 – A Look Back on Beach Games JENNA FISCHER [00:00:02] Hello. Happy Wednesday, everyone. ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:03] Hi there. JENNA FISCHER [00:00:05] Listen. Summer is almost over. Labor Day is upon us. It’s almost back to school. We thought we needed one last little break. ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:14] We do need one last little break. And we hope you guys have a great week. We thought you could use one last trip to the beach. So here is a rerun of “Beach Games”. JENNA FISCHER [00:00:24] We’ll see you next week with an all new episode, “Counseling”. ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:27] Bye. JENNA FISCHER [00:00:31] I’m Jenna Fischer. ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:32] I’m Angela Kinsey. JENNA FISCHER [00:00:33] We were on “The Office” together. ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:34] And we’re best friends. JENNA FISCHER [00:00:35] And now we’re doing the ultimate “Office” rewatch podcast just for you. ANGELA KINSE

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