July 27, 2021

EP. 85.5 — A Look Back on Branch Closing

This week we’re taking a look back on Branch Closing. This is the episode that spawned the famous Michael Scott “This Is The Worst” meme, and the ladies dig into those Angela and Roy flirtations, along with getting into the intricacies of low-pony tails. There’s a great fan catch at David Wallace’s house, and we find out Jim is coming back to Scranton. Finally, we couldn’t say goodbye to Josh Porter without bringing on the amazing Charles Esten (Outer Banks on Netflix). Charles gives us his The Office origin story, talks about his family’s love of the show, and gives us inside info about his last scenes with Andy (Ed Helms). So enjoy your summer break and a look back on this great episode.


Branch Closing Rerelease [00:00:00] Jenna Hello, happy summertime, everyone, [00:00:03] Angela I want to paint this picture for you. [00:00:04] Jenna Oh. [00:00:05] Angela Right now I am in a fluffy sundress that doesn’t hug any part of my body. [00:00:10] Jenna OK. [00:00:11] Angela Maybe I’ve lathered myself up in some sunscreen. [00:00:15] Jenna Mmhmm. [00:00:15] Angela Put on a big floppy hat, and I’m hoping there’s a glass of rosé in my hand. [00:00:19] Jenna I believe that right now I will have on some blousy pants. [00:00:24] Angela Mmhmm. [00:00:25] Jenna With lots of pocket. [00:00:25] Angela Oh, yeah. [00:00:26] Jenna I have just sprayed bug repellent all over my body. And hopefully I also have an adult beverage in my hand because we’re on vacation. [00:00:37] Angela We’re on vacation. But we didn’t want to leave you this week, so we thought we’d share an episode we loved. It’s “Branch Closing”. You remember

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