May 11, 2021

EP. 75.5 — A Look Back on Grief Counseling

As Jenna and Angela prepare for Season 5 of The Office, Office Ladies takes a look back at Grief Counseling. This episode starts off with some real life bird trouble, and we get some special audio treats from Mindy Kaling and the episode writer herself, Jen Celotta. Then we dig into chip rankings, we clear up a fan theory around Ed Truck’s death, and we find out who’s been moving the conference table. Finally, we get a writer’s room deep dive on Dwight’s absorbed twin speech, and Jenna learns to not touch melons in France. Amen!

Audio excerpt courtesy Penguin Random House Audio from Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, narrated by the author. © 2011 by Mindy Kaling, ℗ 2011 Penguin Random House LLC


OFFICE-75.5-20210507-GriefReRelease-SKv01-PW.mp3 [00:00:00] ANGELA KINSEY Hey, Office Ladies family, guess what, we are done with Season Four.  [00:00:05] JENNA FISCHER I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. We’re moving into Season Five, but we need a beat to prepare.  [00:00:10] ANGELA KINSEY Yeah, we need a week off. We got to get our notes ready.  [00:00:14] JENNA FISCHER So we are going to rerun “Grief Counseling”.  [00:00:18] ANGELA KINSEY You remember “Grief Counseling”, Season Three, Episode Four.  [00:00:22] JENNA FISCHER This was a great episode. A lot happens in this episode. We have audio clips from Jen Celotta. We have an audio clip from Mindy Kaling’s book. We have a twin absorption deep dive.  [00:00:34] ANGELA KINSEY Yeah.  [00:00:35] JENNA FISCHER I talk about poking some melons in France and Angela gets to the bottom of who is moving that conference table in and out of the conference room.  [00:00:44] ANGELA KIN

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