August 8, 2023

EP. 174.5 — A Look Back on The Carpet

This week we take a look back on “The Carpet”. Michael discovers a repulsive substance on his office carpet that pushes him to work in the bullpen with the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees. Angela gets a little edgy talking about the TV Show “Fear Factor,” Jenna does a deep dive on Rock 107 and you know we got plenty of sass. Enjoy!


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JENNA [00:00:00] Hey, gang, you know, we like to keep our podcast PG.   ANGELA [00:00:03] Well, I blew it on this one, guys. I’m sorry.   JENNA [00:00:07] So we wanted to warn you before you listen in case you’re listening with your kids around the 20-minute mark. Angela goes off the rails.   ANGELA [00:00:13] Well, hey, wait a second. I just tell a story about an episode of “Fear Factor”. It’s got some adult-.   JENNA [00:00:19] There’s no other way to tell it.   ANGELA [00:00:20] There’s some adult subject matter.   JENNA [00:00:22] You told it how you needed to.   ANGELA [00:00:23] And you might want to, you know, put earmuffs on the kids at the 20-minute mark.   JENNA [00:00:27] Turn it down, skip five minutes ahead, whatever you need to do. And for the rest of you, enjoy.   ANGELA [00:00:33] And sorry.   JENNA [00:00:38] I’m Jenna Fischer.   ANGELA [00:00:39] I’m Angela Kinsey.   JENNA [00:00:40] We were on “T

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