August 19, 2019

EP. 177 — A True (Modern) Love Story

Celebrating her first birthday with friends, family & her girlfriend after 3 years in a mental health treatment center, a caller talks to Geth about falling in love inside the facility.

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[00:01:23] CHRIS: Hello to everybody who wants to claim they didn’t make the first move. It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred.   [00:01:24] THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one. I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.   [00:01:46] CHRIS: Hi everybody, Chris Gethard here, welcome to Beautiful Anonymous. You know, just last night I met somebody who was a fan of the show and it was very nice. That always means the world, she said it’s so innovative! And I always say it’s not innovative. It shouldn’t feel innovative. It’s a phone call where we talk and we listen and I think that that is rare these days. But that’s something we got to fight against as a community. We gotta spread this idea that we’ll listen to each other without judgment, take care of each other, feel the bravery to open up and feel the compassion to listen. And th

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