August 26, 2019

EP. 178 — Partner In Prison

Some addictions don’t get discussed that often. A caller talks about sex and love addicts anonymous and discusses the need to save oneself before trying to save the world.

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[00:00:00] CHRIS: [AD BREAK]   [00:00:31] CHRIS: I got excellent podcast recommendation, especially for people who like paranormal stuff. I’m a fan. I worked in a magazine about paranormal stuff for years. I’m always fascinated by it. I think it’s very interesting and fun and funny at times. Good job. A fictional paranormal show called The Last Movie. It’s dark, it’s atmospheric, it’s suspenseful. And Season 2 just launched exclusively on Stitcher Premium. The heroes are in the midst of chasing down a mysterious film purported to drive its viewers mad. Head to movie to learn more. And guess what? If you sign up for Stitcher Premium, use the code stories. You get a free month on us and guess what? You’re supporting Beautiful Anonymous. You get access to our back catalogue. You can hear the new episodes without ads. A whole bunch of live shows, a whole bunch of follow ups that you can’t get anywhere else. So that&#

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