July 6, 2023

EP. 170 — Ask Jameela Anything 2

This week, Jameela is back on the mic solo to answer your questions! She shares stories on The Good Place audition process, how animals play such a big part in our lives, how to be bold along with how to deal with being a person of great heights, and more.


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IWEIGH-170-AJA2-20230706-ACv02-DYN.mp3 Jameela Oh, hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. A podcast against shame. This week we’re doing an Ask Me Anything because I get inundated with questions from you lot and they’re great questions and important questions and questions that come up so often from different people that I was just feel like I wish that you knew you weren’t alone and that there’s so many people who probably want similar answers. And so every so often I do these episodes to be able to address those questions because I love chatting to you. I love the fact that you write to me and I don’t want that to be in vain. I’m doing it on my solo today because of scheduling, so I’m old billy no mates, so it’s just you and me. So strap in because we’re going to go fuckin all over the place. Let’s start with a lighter question, just a kick off in a silly and potentially quite gross way as possib

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