November 6, 2023

EP. 187 — Ask Jameela Anything 3

Join Jameela solo this week as she answers your questions about making space for yourself, the 24/7 news cycle, trusting & working with our bodies, and our mental health. You’ll hear stories about how Jameela reorganizes her brain when it comes to imposter syndrome and embracing funny failure moments, the long game of living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and as we farewell spooky season, Jameela answers the question: Do you believe in ghosts?


Further I Weigh listening: Invisible Illnesses with Meghan O’Rourke



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  Jameela Intro [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to an episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. This is a special Ask Me Anything where I told you on social media that you were allowed to ask me about anything you like, and I just thought that would be a nice way for us to connect with each other. It is a terrible time right now, and everyone’s being fucking awful, and anything that I can do to create more community or connectivity feels like something healthy that you might like. And so a bunch of you sent in loads of wonderful, wonderful questions. Now, some of those questions were very specifically around, uh, mental health conditions or around, uh, psychiatry needs, asking me things about medication, etc. Those questions I’m not going to answer today because I’m on my own and I left school at 16, but I will have an expert coming on to the podcast soon. He’ll be able to answer those questions responsibly. This is more me shooting the s

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