October 13, 2022

EP. 132 — Ask Jameela Anything with Monica Martin

Singer-songwriter and friend, Monica Martin, joins Jameela this week to answer your questions on struggling with imposter syndrome, what is and isn’t appropriate to joke about, advice for going through EMDR, where to find hope, how to manage other people’s opinions of you, and more.


If you have a question for Jameela, email it to iweighpodcast@gmail.com, and we may ask it in a future episode!


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IWEIGH-132-20221013-AMAwithMonicaMartin-ACv02-DYN.mp3 Jameela [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you’re well and I hope you’re ready to hear the most beautiful speaking voice I’ve had on the show so far. And of course, it’s not mine. It is the voice of Monica Martin, who also happens to be, in my opinion, the most beautiful singer of our generation. I can’t get over her voice. It’s just all I listen to now. I knew her first as a singer, and then she became my friend. And then she became my confidant and just gives me very wholesome, honest, and beautifully put advice. So I figured she would be brilliant to help me answer some of your questions. So I put the call out and I asked you for questions about literally anything you want to talk about. And you sent in some great ones and some very deep and meaningful ones. Ones about hope, ones about fear. One’s about vulnerabil

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