April 2, 2020

EP. 1 — Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein joins Jameela in this first episode to discuss playing iconic teenage girls, coming out on accident, loving her body and clothes, and her passion for vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles. 


Beanie Feldstein  JAMEELA JAMIL [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. This is Jameela Jamil. I am reporting to you from a pandemic and I am in self isolation, as I am sure, and I hope so are you. But I feel like this is the perfect time to release a podcast because we all need any excuse that we can get to stay away from other people, even people living in our houses, even if we don’t think they have Corona. Even if we just want to get away from their personalities for a while. And so I’m bringing you this escape. That is not just for me, but it’s also for you. One of the things that I think we need most right now is some feeling of direction when it comes to our mental health. I know that that’s the thing that I feel most tested on at the moment. And I feel, I can see from the timelines and watching my friends start to already fray at the edges and were only in week two of the quarantine. And we don’t know how long this is going to go on. People are really struggl

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