August 29, 2011

EP. 14 — Boat Queen Week 2 of 6

The Apple Sisters join us yet again from the open seas where they are enjoying all the amenities the USS Earwolf has to offer. It’s not a cruise without a delicious buffet, but with the Boat Queen Pageant coming up the girls have to be ever watchful of their figures. Tune in your radio dial and enjoy the calamity as we are introduced to Captain A-Crab! If you live in Los Angeles, be sure to check out The Apple Sisters on September 26th at the Lilian Theatre.

Recent Episodes

August 6, 2012

EP. 34 — Ask An Apple!

The Apple Sisters are back with a special mailroom episode dedicated to the fans! Join Candy, Cora, and Seedy Apple as they answer important listener questions regarding Jesus, Cora’s Pieshow, pirate booty, and much more! To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit

June 18, 2012

EP. 33 — June Gloom

It’s summertime, and The Apple Sisters are battling seasonal allergies, marine layers, and bad moods to bring you their radio show. The mailroom covers favorite summertime activities, and the ladies bring you a special live performance from the Show Girl Breakfast Buffet. To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit

May 21, 2012

EP. 32 — Daddy, May I?

May Day! May Day! We’re going down… on a new episode of The Apple Sisters! Join Candy, Cora, and Seedy as they celebrate the arrival of May with tips on escaping the mafia and a special live performance. To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit