Bonus: I Am Spintax – The Podcast!

Hello From The Magic Tavern #S3E32a2 March 10, 2020

To honor the 5th anniversary, enjoy this bonus episode from the Stitcher Premium series I Am Spintax! Spintax uses his arcane power to raise the dead (Salmagundi) and compel the living (OffBook’s Jess McKenna).


Spintax: Charlie McCrackin
Jess: Jess McKenna
Salmagundi: Edgar Momplaisir
Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi
Leonard: C.J. Tuor

Producers: Matt Young, and Kimmie Lucas
Post-Production Coordination: Garrett Schultz
Special Assistance: Ryan DiGiorgiArnie NiekampCharlie McCrackin and C.J. Tuor
Editor: Garrett Schultz
Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban
Theme Music: Andy Poland

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