March 12, 2018

EP. 103 — Brady Bunch Wedding / Ron Paul’s Baby Returns

A juicy family history, a fast approaching wedding and upcoming gallbladder surgery are on the caller’s mind this week and Gethard helps her work through it all. After the call, stay tuned for a 2-year anniversary check-in (and live audience sing-along!) with caller #1, Ron Paul’s Baby.

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CHRIS [00:00:48] Hello to everybody telling secrets at our wake, it’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred. CHRIS [00:01:10] Hello, everybody Chris Gethard here. Thanks for listening to Beautiful Anonymous. You may notice a weird tone right now in the intro here that is not the same room. We’re not in studio right now. We’re at the offices for the Chris Gethard show. We’re actually in a dressing room just off in the studio. The show is coming back, baby. March 20th, back on Tru TV, switching to tuesday nights, 11:00 p.m. It’s coming back. Just a quick reminder. I’ve mentioned this on the show before. The paywalls coming. Any episode older than six months, it’s gone behind the paywall few weeks from now. So anything older than that that you want to keep and have on your hard drive download away? Don’t say I didn’t warn, you wanna get those oldies but goodies. Go grab them. Keep them. Last week̵

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