March 19, 2018

EP. 104 — The Whirlpool Galaxy

Coping with tremendous grief from a recent tragedy, an astrophysics researcher talks to Geth about black holes, extraterrestrial life and the fate of humanity.

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[00:00:59] CHRIS: Hello to all my other half guard players. It’s Beautiful Anonymous one hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred. [00:01:09] THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one.  I think it’ll be more fun.  And I’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know me. [00:01:23] CHRIS: Hello, everybody, welcome to Beautiful Anonymous, the podcast where I get to talk to people on the phone. You all get to listen to other people’s lives, the secrets and intricacies, sometimes exciting, sometimes boring, but always very human. Beautiful Anonymous. I love that I get to do this. Thank you guys for supporting it. [00:01:43] [AD BREAK]  [00:02:43] CHRIS: Okay. Last week’s episode heard from a caller who was organizing a wedding and also preparing for gallbladder surgery. People enjoyed it. People sympathized. Empathized with that caller. Also, I want to say we had the Ron Paul’s baby follow up. It was our two year anniversary of the

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