September 29, 2022

EP. 130 — Celeste Barber – Re-Release

This week, we are bringing back a favorite episode of ours – Jameela’s interview with Celeste Barber! The Australian comedian and actor joins Jameela to discuss her astoundingly successful fundraiser to fight the Australian fires, her relationship and experience with antidepressants, how to quarantine with a spouse and still love them (hint – imagine they are dead and how sad you would be), her delightful parodies of Instagram influencer/model photos with #celestechallengeaccepted, and challenging Instagram’s double standards when it comes to censoring female bodies.



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IWEIGH-130-20220929-BarberCelesteReRe-ACv01-DYN.mp3 Jameela [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. A podcast against shame. I hope you’re well. I am absolutely fucked. To be honest, I have had kidney stones this week and have been unable to work and that means I have been unable to bring you a fresh new episode of I Weigh. So therefore, I wondered what you would need right now, given how fucking shit and terrifying absolutely everything is. And that is Celeste Barber. We all need a laugh and there’s no one better for that than her. She’s one of the funniest people on the Internet. One of the funniest people on the airwaves and on the TV. And she’s definitely one of the funniest people I’ve ever had on this podcast. I love her so much. She’s so cool. She’s so relatable and just so unpretentious in every single way. In this episode, we discuss her successful fundraiser to fight the Australian wildfires. We

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