June 22, 2021

EP. 81 — Crime Aid

This week we’re breaking down Crime Aid! Michael and Holly get caught up in the magic of their third date and consequently, the office gets robbed. Meanwhile Phyllis helps Dwight deal with his Angela romantic woes. The ladies give Roy a Show Bible Goodbye, Angela does a deep dive on the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum, and Jenna reveals why Wikipedia doesn’t have an “Office Robbery Statistics” page. Also, there’s a lot of great talk about auctions.  So enjoy this episode, and remember “Crime reduces innocence, makes everyone angry, I declare”!


OFFICE-081-2021050-CrimeAid-SKv03.mp3 [00:00:03] Jenna I’m Jenna Fischer. [00:00:04] Angela And I’m Angela Kinsey. [00:00:06] Jenna We were on The Office together. [00:00:07] Angela And we’re best friends. [00:00:08] Jenna And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you. [00:00:12] Angela Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you. [00:00:19] Jenna We’re the Office Ladies. Hello, everybody. [00:00:20] Angela Hi you guys. [00:00:21] Jenna I have some big news that I want to share with you, Angela. [00:00:24] Angela What? [00:00:25] Jenna Remember when we talked about my long crotch pants? [00:00:28] Angela How could I forget long crotch? [00:00:30] Jenna I had them altered. [00:00:32] Angela Oh, you had your crotch altered? [00:00:34] Jenna Well, I had the waist altered. [00:00:36] Angela Oh, OK. [00:00:36] Jenna I took an inch out o

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