February 6, 2023

EP. 357 — Diarrhea In Burning Buildings (Live From Pittsburgh)

A former volunteer firefighter describes to Geth what happened when she needed to poop while a building was on fire. She also discusses her love of driving fast, the benefits of a good ass scratch, losing and gaining friends during her transition, and what makes a good dick pic.


Chris [00:00:05] Hello, Bottle Rocket Social Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This Beautiful/Anonymous, one hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred. Hi everybody. Chris Gethard here and welcome to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous. Thanks to everybody who came out and saw me do stand up in Montana. Never been to Montana before. Did Bozeman, Missoula. Thanks to everybody who was there. And guess what, everybody? I don’t have too many shows to bother you about. Not until March. ChrisGeth.com. If you want to know, I’m doing shows in Michigan and Illinois, Missouri, Richmond, Virginia, Washington, D.C. Those are all in March. But don’t have to belabor the point too much right now cuz none of that is this week. You know, it is this week? It’s a great episode of the show. This was a live episode we just did in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks back. The space called Bottle Rocket Social Hall, which, by the way, if you’re a comedy fan in Pittsburgh, that

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