March 7, 2022

EP. 309 — Divorced at 25

A young woman describes living life backwards after buying a home at 22 then moving in with roommates post-divorce with her baby. She also opens up to Geth about coming from a family of 8 and the fact that her son is only 1 year younger than her sister.


Chris Gethard [00:00:04] Hello to everybody who thinks you’ve got to aim a little further afield than North Carolina. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. (THEME SONG) Hi, everybody, Chris Gethard here. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful/Anonymous. Thanks to everybody who’s been listening to the show supporting the show, so you can hear in this intro my voice is all blown out. That is not the case during the call. I was doing a live show in Asbury Park last night where I did karaoke and destroyed my voice. So I’m glad the whole call wasn’t like this. Don’t worry about it. This caller, I tell you… One of the things about the show, you often- I have had the opportunity to talk to so many people were, I just go, You’ve just lived so much life. And that’s this caller in a nutshell. This caller sort of lived life in a different order than a lot of us live. You’ll hear what I mean as f

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