March 14, 2022

EP. 310 — Hiked the Appalachian Trail

A man discusses the biggest challenges of hiking the trail and the scariest thing of all: Lyme disease. He describes legendary (and sometimes creepy) people known along the trail including the shirtless “hammer man” and the hospitality of “trail angels.” He also shares a story with Geth about a stranger’s kindness and how it gave him the strength to go on.


Chris Gethard [00:00:05] Hello to all my trail angels. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. (THEME SONG) Hi everybody and welcome to Beautiful/ Anonymous. My name’s Chris Gethard. It is an honor to be your host after all these years, bringing you real conversations with real people, uncensored, in their own words, in their own vernacular, not feeding you anything because we’re part of the media just putting it out there. A snapshot of life in audio form. One human at a time. Proud to do it, thanks to everybody who enjoyed last week’s episode, Divorced at 25. There’s a lot of feedback, people empathizing with the caller. A lot of people saying the caller sounded like a good mom. And a lot of people giving me advice on better ways to clean my shower drain. So thanks everybody for that. As always, if you want to know what I’m getting back out on the road. Coming back in May. I know I’m plugg

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