December 28, 2023

EP. 335 — Dungeons & Dragons LIVE!

Audience member turned fourth host Morgan Vierling (HDTGM’s Dungeons & Dragons Episode) helps Paul, June, & Jason break down 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons starring Jeremy Irons, Thora Birch, Marlon Wayans, and Justin Whalin. LIVE from the Miller Theater in Philly, the crew discuss Snails’ meaningless death, if priests could do magic, peeping imps, Lipstick Man’s connection to the movie “Switch”, and so much more. #JusticeForSnails


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] A movie that takes the worst parts of the Phantom Menace and the CGI skills of a YouTuber circa 2000. We saw Dungeons and Dragons, so you know what that means.   Music [00:00:14] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:06] Hello, people of Earth! And hello, people of Philadelphia! We are back in Philadelphia with yet another Dragon film, this one. Dungeons and Dragons. It has it all. Dungeons, check. Dragons, check. Plot, question mark. Normally the part of the show where I like to break down what this movie is about for those who have not seen it. I tried. I wrote a couple of things around the movie. I read a Wikipedia page and I don’t think I got it, but I’ll try. The battle for the soul of Izmir is at stake as Thora Birch wants to let people be equal and control gold dragons. But Jeremy Irons wants to keep the gold dragons and also control red ones. Chaos ensues. That is the plot that I know of this movie. Came out in 2000. It’s an hour a

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