Fear Dorito

Sklarbro Country #45 June 3, 2011

What do Manu Ginobli’s dog, Anne Frank and Tim Tebow have in common?? They should all be listening to Sklarbro Country. Randy, Jason, and Pete Holmes have quite a few words of advice for the lost, misguided, back up quarterback turned novelists in the world. Pete Holmes brings his positivity thereby making the calming shores even calmer, if that’s possible as he discusses how he makes the E-Trade baby commercials and how he prepared for the rapture. Our good friend Jesse Ventura stops by to disprove Randy Savage’s death, or at least blame it on the SAS cutting his brakes. So DVR whatever game you’re watching, and watch that bad boy after the fact, because you got Sklarbro Country to. Visit the newly redesigned Earwolf website to hear new shows, find new apps, and learn about our new features.

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