October 3, 2023

EP. S2E63 — Feuds Vs. Feuds w/ Matt Bellassai & Sydney Battle

It’s not all roses behind the scenes of your favorite shows! Ashley is joined by Matt Bellassai & Sydney Battle, the hosts of the “Diss And Tell” podcast, to pit TV’s most famous feuding stars against each other, and ask which was the most iconic fight. They also talk about Doja Cat’s antagonistic relationship with her fans, a breaking update in 2Pac’s murder, and all the latest on the 90 Day Universe, Below Deck Down Under and true crime docs.

What We Watched:

The Great British Bake Off

How To Get Away With Murder

Below Deck Down Under

90 Day UK

90 Day: Before The 90 Days

Cold Justice

Savior Complex

Murder, She Wrote

Midsomer Murders


Where Is Baby Gabriel?



Love Is Blind

Chewing Gum

I Am A Killer

I Survived A Serial Killer

Top Chef

Below Deck Mediterranean


Reservation Dogs


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TVISAY-S2-063-Sydney and Matt-20230929-AAv3-DYN.wav   Matt Bellassai [00:00:03] It’s so deranged. Like, the very concept is not even that they’re going in it blind, but that they have to get engaged and married at the end of it? Anybody who signs up for that is messy. And it’s going to be messy no matter what. And I love that.   Ashley Ray [00:00:28] Oh, I love it, too. I love it, too. Welcome to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray, your go-to podcast for discovering what to watch on TV and getting behind the scenes insight from the people who make the shows you love. You just heard a little tease of my chat with Sydney Battle and Matt Bellassai. This is such a fun episode. We get into some real good true crime docs. Yeah, Cold Justice. We get real into Cold Justice. Savior Complex, which just came out on HBO about that missionary who went to Uganda and kind of killed a lot of kids. Well, we talk about that, too. Is it worth watching? I’m going to let you know. This is

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