January 4, 2017

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Find Full Archive of Earwolf Challenge on Stitcher Premium

Recent Episodes

September 29, 2011

With Season One of The Earwolf Challenge under our belt, we’re ready to go back and see what worked, what didn’t, and how we can make Season Two even better. This serves as both an episode of The Wolf Den and The Earwolf Challenge as Jeff Ullrich, Frank Capello, and Matt Besser talk to three of our vocal forum participants to find out how we screwed up and what we did right. If we left anything out, be sure to let us know in the forums!

September 13, 2011

The Little Dum Dum Club have spent the entire Earwolf Challenge in the top, only once being considered for elimination. Today they pull out all the stops as they invite Australian comedians Luke McGregor and Nick Cody into the fold for a full 30 minute episode. Our charmers from down under talk about parents on Facebook, their crappiest comedy gigs, specialty coffee, and strippers in an attempt to win a spot on Earwolf. Will they succeed? Find out tomorrow on The Earwolf Challenge Season Finale!

September 12, 2011

Well folks, we’re down to the final two! This week Earwolf co-founders Jeff Ullrich and Scott Aukerman join host Matt Besser to decide which of our remaining contenders have earned a spot on the network. The Challenge? One full 30 minute episode of each podcast with the results announced on Wednesday. Today you’ll hear Totally Laime spend some time with Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Fears, New England accents, family dynamics and more are discussed as Elizabeth and Andy give us their final submission. Come back tomorrow for The Little Dum Dum Club and join us on Wednesday for the results.