May 4, 2021

EP. 75 — Goodbye Toby, Part 2

This week we finish breaking down Goodbye Toby. During Toby’s goodbye party, Michael tries to get closer to Holly but finds himself being pulled back to Jan after discovering some big news that involves a pro tennis player. Meanwhile, an unexpected proposal happens. Jenna and Angela give Toby a “Show Bible Goodbye”, Angela shares how she almost didn’t make it to set for a very important scene and a couple of Michael’s parody songs are brought to life! This episode is so special you won’t want to say goodbye to it. Toby on the other hand… I mean, who does he think he is? 

Parody songs performed by Joshua Snyder and Jordan Duffy. 


OFFICE-076-20210402-Goodbye Toby 2 v05 CJ.mp3 [00:00:04] Jenna I’m Jenna Fischer. [00:00:05] Angela And I’m Angela Kinsey. [00:00:06] Jenna We were on The Office together. [00:00:07] Angela And we’re best friends. [00:00:08] Jenna And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you. [00:00:12] Angela Each week we will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you. [00:00:19] Jenna We’re the Office Ladies. All right, everybody, we are still saying goodbye to Toby, [00:00:28] Angela It is Goodbye, Toby Part Two. [00:00:31] Jenna It’s a long goodbye, but he deserves it. He’s been at the company a long time. He deserves a two parter. [00:00:36] Angela Michael is going to give him a big sendoff, lady. [00:00:39] Jenna He sure is, guys it’s season four, episode 19, written by Jen Celotta and Paul Lieberstein, directed by Paul Feig. Here is a sum

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