Gunt Control (w/ Desus & Mero)

Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins #38 June 15, 2022

Energy levels are HIGH beginning to end, as Michelle and Dan try to help one anonymous woman face the world’s worst enemy: The passive-aggressive fat-shaming friend. Listen as Mich drains a venti iced Americano and see if you can hear the black swan feathers popping out of her back because that sh*t makes her crazy. The fun only heightens as the brilliant Desus & Mero of late-night Showtime fame hop on to unpack gunt control, airport run-ins, New York’s best toilets, vaginal poems (you’re not ready) and, most shockingly, Desus’ love of LOEHMANNS (!) among 1,000 other topics. Season 4 of Desus & Mero airs Thursday nights on Showtime.

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