June 15, 2022

EP. 38 — Gunt Control (w/ Desus & Mero)

Energy levels are HIGH beginning to end, as Michelle and Dan try to help one anonymous woman face the world’s worst enemy: The passive-aggressive fat-shaming friend. Listen as Mich drains a venti iced Americano and see if you can hear the black swan feathers popping out of her back because that sh*t makes her crazy. The fun only heightens as the brilliant Desus & Mero of late-night Showtime fame hop on to unpack gunt control, airport run-ins, New York’s best toilets, vaginal poems (you’re not ready) and, most shockingly, Desus’ love of LOEHMANNS (!) among 1,000 other topics. Season 4 of Desus & Mero airs Thursday nights on Showtime.

Recent Episodes

October 20, 2022

Michelle and Dan are back with lots of updates including a possible assault in the Funny Girl audience and which famous American author hit on Michelle’s mom, but also some POD NEWS and exciting things to come. More content you say? Head over to https://www.patreon.com/join/michcoll to support ur faves and stay updated on this new chapter!! Xo Mich & Dan

September 21, 2022

We are LIVE from the London Podcast Festival, where Michelle and Dan lift the spirits of a country in mourning. The first podcast in King Charles’ England features banter about their British doppelgängers and the meaning of narrow hot dog feet. Then a moment for the history books when Michelle meets the talented English actress Michelle Collins to unpack their life journeys with the same name. One Michelle reveals she was a teen punk club girl and the other discloses her original last name which made her sound perpetually ill. Which Michelle is which? Tune in to find out, and thanks to the fabulous live crowd!

September 15, 2022

This week Michelle and Dan spill the English tea about Dan’s trip across the pond for the London Podcast Festival (and despite what you may have heard, Dan did NOT cause the Queen to kick the bucket). After discussing which cartoon character is more bangable—Goofy or Foghorn Leghorn—they regale us with tales of a pianoless piano bar, flirty banter AKA fla’ah, and Michelle getting “asslighted” on the dance floor. We’re then joined by actor, comedian, and all-around mensch Justin Long who trades restaurant horror stories with Michelle and gives us the lowdown on his own hit horror story—the terrifying new flick in theaters, Barbarian. Justin also dishes about his old flame Drew Barrymore and reveals his beef with rapper Lil Nas X over an Alvin and the Chipmunks birthday cameo video.