December 22, 2020

EP. 58.5 — Happy Holidays And A Look Back At An Office Christmas

This week, Jenna and Angela wish everyone the happiest of holidays. Angela also has a Christmas crafting brag. Since it’s Christmas this week, we thought we’d give you the Christmas Party episode to help get you into the Yankee Swap spirit.


OFFICE-058.5-20201203-XmasRerelease-SKv02.mp3   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:04] Hi, you guys.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:04] Hello.   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:05] Hello. We are on our winter break, but we wanted to pop on and wish you guys a Happy Holidays.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:11] Yes, Happy Holidays, everybody.   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:13] And Jenna.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:14] What?   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:15] I have a little bit of a Christmas craft brag.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:19] Are you saying brag or bag? Do you have a Christmas craft bag or?   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:23] No. OK, first of all, listen, maybe I should have picked a better choice of words. It’s kind of hard to say. A Christmas crafting brag. I have something to brag about in the crafting world that is Christmas.   JENNA FISCHER [00:00:34] Oh! Begin brag. Please begin brag.   ANGELA KINSEY [00:00:37] My Christmas craft brag. I made a wreath for my front door.   JENNA FI

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